Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

There are many social networking sites that businesses can use for their marketing efforts. That gives entrepreneurs lots of choices, because each site has special characteristics that cater to particular types of marketing purposes. However, the number of choices can also be

Social Media and Mobile Apps in Tandem for Boosting Business

The fact that businesses that aren’t using social media and mobile apps in an interconnected world will be left for dead hasn’t been lost on many business managers. But many are still lagging behind in this regard, and the longer they leave things – start using social media and mobile apps to interact with their client base – the harder playing “catch up” will prove to be.
Social Media – Not Enough to Have Social Media Accounts
A fact many businesses are cottoning onto concerning …

How the Younger Social Media Users Can Learn from Adults

The term social media is most often associated with social networking sites these days, including two of the most popular ones, Facebook and Twitter.  In fact, it is now defined to be an interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and

Social Media Usage Policy Among Employees

It wasn’t too long ago when social media sites such as Facebook were only perceived as harmful to the productivity of employees. Now, there are companies that coach employees to become brand advocates in social media. In fact, social media is here to stay. It is used both within and outside

How Social Media is Increasingly Infringing Your Privacy

Each year, a new social network rises in popularity that everyone jumps on and uses religiously. Last year, we discovered Snapchat, before that was Pinterest, and before that, Instagram. But all of these social networks come with their own privacy issues, and each time we sign up for one, our information is spread out a little bit further around the Internet. Let’s look at a few pros and cons of our dwindling privacy.
Con: Your Images Rarely Belong to You
At the end of 2012, Instagram wanted …

Facebook to make Autoplay Video Ads Engaging and Relevant

Facebook’s autoplay video ads will be unveiled soon. Aside from the static ads that Facebook users now see in the newsfeed, video ads will soon occasionally appear  alongside updates from their

Why Social Media Data Is This Year’s Biggest Brand Asset

It’s been pointed out numerous times that social media can greatly increase the success of SEO and marketing campaigns. But it’s social data that’s really causing a buzz within the online marketing industry at the moment.
The Importance of Social Data
So, what makes social data so important? Social data empowers marketers and arms companies with information about popular trends, events and happenings. It highlights demographics that have a specific interest in certain areas and narrows …

How Facebook Helps Doctors and Medical Practitioners

Facebook has more than a thousand pages of dedicated to doctors and medical practitioners, such as the popular Mehmet Oz and the fictional Dr. House. A simple search on the social network will return pages for physicians with different types of

Tips to Increase the Power of your Social Media Marketing Efforts

The popularity of social media motivates marketers to use Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networking sites to publicize their company’s presence and increase their brand’s

How Businesses Can Improve their Social Media Campaigns for 2014

How Businesses Can Improve their Social Media Campaigns for 2014

Social media has had a lot of success in 2013 in terms of being used by companies for their marketing efforts. Many studies have indicated that social media use has increased last year, to the point where various channels have become a necessity for majority of businesses if they want to be