More Social Media Mistakes done by Small Businesses

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Small businesses tend to make lots of mistakes using social media. Here is another list as shared by Timothy Carter, chief executive of Smash Hit Displays, a company focused on assisting trade show displays.

1. Not focusing on one or two social media platforms

Social media takes time, and that is something that most small businesses don’t have. As such, they should focus on just one or two social media platforms, and especially on the ones that they are already familiar with. Small business can of course, diversify towards other platforms if time is already available.

2. Not measuring the success of social media strategies.

There is no point in continuing to use a social media strategy if it’s proven to be ineffective to your company. For example, if your tweets aren’t encouraging your customers, then think about what’s wrong with the way you use Twitter, improve, or stop using it altogether.

The following are social media mistakes that small businesses should avoid. (Image: CompassB (CC) via Flickr)

The following are social media mistakes that small businesses should avoid. (Image: CompassB (CC) via Flickr)

On the other hand, try to observe what works for you. If a Facebook video post gets lots of likes from your Facebook fans, for example, then spend more of your resources on that strategy the next time around. This shows that you have to find a way to measure how successful your social media strategy is.

3. Not taking advantage of branding opportunities provided by social media.

Social media pages and profiles let businesses fill out as much information about their brands as they can. For example, a small businesses’ Facebook page can contain the company logo, business description, website links, and photos.

By filling out relevant branding information in your social media profile, it will be easier for people to discover your business online. In addition, customers can recognize your business more when you obtain these social media branding opportunities.

4. Not starting a discussion with your customers

Some small businesses get the wrong impression that social media is all about them sending out messages to their customers in one way traffic fashion. However, social media use is more effective if businesses use it to have a conversation with customers.

Give ear to the messages that customers post on your social media profile, including compliments or criticisms from unsatisfied customers. If you receive kind words from customers, thank them. If you receive negative comments, don’t just let these comments sit around; comment on criticisms with optimistic and confirmatory responses. That way, your viewing audience will learn as well, and your unsatisfied customers will calm down.

By starting a discussion with your customers, you can also learn more about their wants through their valuable suggestions.

5. Having inactive social media profiles

Using social media for business involves spending at least a little time each, perhaps to tweet, submit a post, or update statuses.
In the Internet age, people anticipate businesses to be active in the most popular social media platforms, such as Twitter or Facebook. If your business can’t have a Facebook page or Twitter profile, then your customers will be taken aback temporarily.

However, that is better than having an inactive social media profile, because that can lead customers to assume that your business is no longer running. That also makes customers feel ignored, and that can keep customers away permanently.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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1 Comment on "More Social Media Mistakes done by Small Businesses"

1 year 9 months ago

Great list Neal. Most of our clients (at Wishpond) are small businesses and I've seen many of them make these mistakes.

Expanding on #4, I would add "Treating social media like a flyer". I've seen tons of small businesses fill up their Timeline with nothing but product promotions and wonder why it's not working for them!