Social Media Marketing and its Current Importance

Nowadays, big or small companies depend on the internet in general, for product marketing. For any company to be successful, its overall marketing effort should include an internet marketing strategy.

More than online marketing, however, there is now a need for companies to also include social media marketing; a relatively new approach, but one that many businesses are finding harder and harder to ignore as the world constantly changes and shifts.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a relatively new marketing method. It involves marketing a company and / or its products in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These sites have become very popular in just a short span of time, with Facebook having more than 1 billion members worldwide.

The goal of social media marketing is to urge social media users to share a company’s products or services to their social domain. This is similar to word-of-mouth advertising, in which a company’s message is spread to other people in a very rapid manner with very little effort from the company itself.

Thus, an effective campaign in social media marketing is one that is driven by word-of-mouth recommendations by customers in social networking sites. Social media marketing produces earned traffic. Furthermore, it is very important to constantly be involved and relate to your customers with this form of marketing, so that they can be updated with the latest news about your company, e.g. new products.

Social media marketing is a very important tool for companies, as it helps generate leads, promote your business through word of mouth means, and others. (Image: ePublicist (CC) via Flickr)

Social media marketing is a very important tool for companies, as it helps generate leads, promote your business through word of mouth means, and others. (Image: ePublicist (CC) via Flickr)

Kinds of Social Media

Social media is a collective term for various websites and services online that basically aim to connect people. The following are some of the kinds of social media you can utilize for a marketing campaign.

1. Social networking sites

Social networking sites, the most popular one being Facebook, are websites that give people the opportunity to connect with friends or people that they share backgrounds or interests with, allow them to communicate through text or video messaging, and let them share videos, photos and other content.

Companies can use social networking sites to interrelate with the audience they aim to do business with. In Facebook, for example, companies can set up a page containing information about their products, services and others. The goal is to make these pages as attractive as possible to Facebook users, so that they will share content from these pages, and drive other users towards them. In a way, the users are doing the marketing for you.

In addition, companies can post links in social networking site pages leading to the company website. These links are mostly articles that provide users with consistent, ongoing valuable information related to the company and the company’s products. This is known as content marketing.

2. Media sharing sites

Media sharing websites, the most popular one for businesses being Instagram, are sites that concentrate on letting users share photos or videos, and letting other people on the website view, comment and rate them. Social media marketing campaigns are in the form of companies sharing photos and videos of their new products to gain prospective customers.

3. Micro blogging sites

Micro Blogging provides a quick and easy way for companies to share news bits about their latest products. Twitter is the most popular micro blogging website, limiting uses and companies 140 characters per tweet.

A company should then aim to get as many Twitter followers as it can. That way, the company’s message can reach thousands at a time. It also helps that many Twitter users nowadays use their mobile devices to access the site. That way, you can almost be assured that most of your followers will read your short messages instantly.

Social media marketing generates leads

When people follow your business pages in Facebook or your account in Twitter, they are also likely to get to visit your company website, and even encourage their friends to visit. That makes social media marketing a very important tool for lead generation.

In addition, search engines now give more ranking points to websites that have an upright presence in social media. This is good because most of the traffic that you will get in your website will come from people starting off with search engine queries.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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