Why Focus On Google+?

While Google+ may be described by some as a ghost town, the social media platform should not be ignored altogether by marketers.
Why? Because. Kidding aside, there are valid reasons why small and large businesses alike should be on Google+, one of which is gaining authority through shared links It has been discovered that when links are shared through Google+, they do not contain the rel=“nofollow” element that would make that link useless in passing authority.
Furthermore, it seems that …

How To Increase Google+ Engagement by 281% [Infographic]

As pointed out in our last article, social media can contribute a lot to SEO campaigns.
That is apart from engaging fans and hopefully getting new customers and clients out of all this engagement.
What we have here now is an infographic that boldly suggests that you can increase Google+ engagement by up to 281 percent by following the advice it gives.
Google+ should be an important part of your SEO campaign not because it is the biggest but because it is closely connected to the biggest search …

Why Social Media Marketers Prefer Not to Use Google+

Why Social Media Marketers Prefer Not to Use Google+

Most people today still see Google+ as a conundrum, a social networking site with contradictory properties. It often is hard to commit or be fond of a particular social media channel, and to capitalize on it to achieve the best results. But Google+ is worthy of your

Get More Use Out of Google+ Communities to Raise Local Audience Engagement

Get More Use Out of Google+ Communities to Raise Local Audience Engagement

Gone are the days when engaging local customers meant physically interacting with them. In this technology-driven age, making that initial contact is best done online. Specifically, this should be hosted on social media platforms such as

What To Do Before Google+ +Post Ads Graduate From Beta

Google+ promoted posts still run in beta but, the same as how it works on Facebook, this type of endorsed content allows you to direct a timely message to your target

How Google’s Shared Endorsements Work

Google has notified its users about an imminent change to its terms of service: the addition of usernames and profile photos to some parts of its online advertising service starting November

Basics of Google+ Marketing Success

Google+ is no longer just for Google stalwarts and tech geeks. It has an active user base that is second only to Facebook, rivals Google-owned YouTube, and tops Twitter. The growth rate is increasing rapidly: more than 20 million people use Google+ mobile every month and the active user base increased by 33 percent from June 2012 to March

Why Google +1s Could Be The Best Way To Rank Higher

Google+ has not exactly lit the public imagination on fire, but it has proved to be Google’s most popular social offering for techies and internet marketers to-date—especially when it comes to how Google+ interacts with search engine optimisation and inbound marketing. The value of social across all search and marketing parameters has been heightened in the past few years, but obviously Google has kept search in mind when building its own social media

Google+: Why Bloggers Need It So Badly

Most bloggers simply have no idea what Google+ is all about. They assume that the only social networks they truly need to promote their blogs are Twitter and Facebook. However, this is extremely far from being true. Bloggers can gain more exposure using Google+ than any other social

Where To Look For GIF Images For Your Google+ Profile Pictures

Google+ now allows you to use a GIF images for your profile pictures and as such, we have here a few places you would want to check out when you’re on the lookout for GIF images.
But first, here’s a little background. GIF is short for Graphics Interchange Format. The format has been around since 1987 and has recently seen resurgence in popularity.
These images come with built-in compression and support for their most famous feature: animation.
It works this way – GIF images are able to …