10 Tips: Make Twitter Work for Your Small Business

Is your small business on Twitter yet? If not, it’s a great idea to create a Twitter account and start tweeting. You can reach many more new customers through social media marketing than just email marketing or other traditional forms of marketing.
But do you know how to get started on Twitter? Do you know how to make the most of your time and budget while effectively engaging your followers and increasing interest in your business? Keeping up with Twitter marketing trends can help you …

How to Manage Your Pinterest Account in Less Than 15 Minutes

Brands now focus more time and effort in imagery. They use different images to convey their messages and engage their

How Social Media Helps Event Marketing

After making the necessary preparations for a small business event, you have to come up with a marketing plan to ensure its success. Whether you plan to hold a garage sale, open house, or night out, try to add these social media strategies to promote and boost attendance for the

7 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Twitter is one of the social media networks that truly allow you to marshal up an army of followers. As online influencers go, there have been more on Twitter than any other social media network. Boycotts and demonstrations have been organized from Twitter, as have big hoaxes such as the famous “Will Smith is dead” hoax. But it was funny to hear the Facebook hoax that had over 1 million people sending their condolences to Orlando Bloom. Getting more followers on Twitter is a matter of good …

How to Humanize Your Brand Presence on Twitter

Humanization offers a more personal touch to any type of Twitter activity. Your followers will welcome and appreciate it, and they will help increase your chances of having a wider social

Beyond Posting & Tweeting: Shifting from a Social Media Strategist to a Social Media Business

As someone who works on the agency-side of marketing, I have the opportunity to work with many large companies and their brands. I get an inside peek at how companies are structured, their internal politics and policies, and their business strategies and goals. Learning the ins and outs of a brand or company is an integral part of our role as an agency partner and is a very interesting learning experience, as no two companies function the same when it comes to social

2014 Social Media Marketing Trends and Social Intelligence

Social media statistics like more than a billion Facebook users or more than 150 million Instagram profiles enamor the news media. But sharp business owners have a better grasp about the real value of the platform – the abundant amount of intelligent posts from influential

Why Focus On Google+?

While Google+ may be described by some as a ghost town, the social media platform should not be ignored altogether by marketers.
Why? Because. Kidding aside, there are valid reasons why small and large businesses alike should be on Google+, one of which is gaining authority through shared links It has been discovered that when links are shared through Google+, they do not contain the rel=“nofollow” element that would make that link useless in passing authority.
Furthermore, it seems that …

5 Little-Known Social Tools Worth Looking Into

With the emergence of Web 2.0, simplicity, usability and collaboration have become the norm. People being inherently social, plus the ease with which to utilize social media platforms, it’s no wonder Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have increasingly become more popular over time. Add to that the intrinsic rewards brought about by self-disclosure, and it’s fair to say that social media isn’t going away anytime

How To Use Different Social Media Platforms for Your Business

The most frequent question I receive from business entrepreneurs and corporate companies wanting to create brand awareness via the internet is, “What social media platform would be best for our