Social Media Branding Guide for Beginners

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Social media and branding seem to be a match made in heaven, but misrepresentations of social media branding happen every so often.

In essence, social media is a massive loudspeaker for brands, but social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, also provide a company the perfect channels to shoot its own foot.

As people join networks and make connections from thin air, social media empowers the digital world in several facets that industry analysts and marketing experts never imagined. With better profile integration, it is critical to understand how to deal with your online presence and personality.

Social media branding is not exclusive to businesses, so any entity may build and show its own brand though social media tools. Using social networks such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter simplifies the development of an online representation for a company or an individual, so social media is a convenient tool for showcasing what you have to offer to the world and making new connections.

Major social networks have the largest number of connections and control the attention and coverage from their user base. If you create a gateway for your followers amid the pool of billions of database entries, not only does it allow you to meet interesting new people, but it also opens your brand to the public.

You may discover a huge share of users who visit social networking websites through mobile devices. The number of people who access Facebook, Google+, and Twitter from mobile phones and other portable devices have increased considerably in the last two years.

In reality, the advantages of social media branding and usage will change between each company and individual. Personal whys and wherefores are not as important as the real-life connections we build by meeting people.

Delivering constant, trustworthy information provides brand credibility and integrity on all profiles, now and in the future. If your fans and followers are distributed among five or six social networks, think first of your image, embrace it, and hold true to it, among any due diligence.

Marketing your brand through social media is a long and winding road. It will take curves sooner or later, so you need daily online presence and continual attention. Having accounts across a broad array of social media platforms is just the outset.

Actual change stems from active participation in social networks. If you find tweets valuable, continue using Twitter. If you have fun with friends through Facebook Chat, make sure to connect with them as frequently as you deem appropriate.

Impression and memorability are keys to social media branding. If you use common profile photos, complicated usernames, and no further information about you or your company, your profile is likely to be buried deep below billions of other social media profiles. Invigorate your online presence, dare to fight against the norm, and brighten up your individuality. Regulate your networks to those whom you wish to connect with, and remember that technology is just a tool that will only get as good as its user.

Social networks are only means to an end. If you want to promote your brand on social media, you have to devise a plan. You need a good grasp on what your audience wants.

This infographic from provides a beginner’s guide to social media branding.

social media branding guide for beginners

Featured image courtesy of Flickr / Troy Thompson

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