Social Media Boosts Sales of Girl Scout Cookies

Girl scouts going from door to door, selling cookies, is a familiar sight to most households.  Today, however, the girls are also benefiting from social media, as networks such as Twitter and Facebook help with their sales, especially this January, which marks the beginning of cookie selling all over the country.

Girl Scouts Selling More Boxes

According to Madelon Koerner, the Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois’ director of product program, orders are primarily taken from family and friends, before the girls go from door to door.  Recently, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have become a more popular way of informing customers and taking orders from them.  As a result, the girls have been selling more, an average of 145 boxes per girl, to be precise.

Girl scouts now sell more cookies thanks to social media. (Image: andersbknudsen (CC) via Flickr)

Girl scouts now sell more cookies thanks to social media. (Image: andersbknudsen (CC) via Flickr)

Developing Their Skills

Koerner adds that selling cookies helps Girl Scouts develop their skills, including business ethics, money management, and people management.  These are three of the five skills being promoted by the cookie sales program.  The two other skills are decision making and goal setting.

The Cookie Locator App

In the final stage of cookie sales this March, the Girl Scouts will be setting up Cookie Booth Sites in various locations.  This is where the Cookie Locator App comes in.  The application is a free, downloadable app for mobile phones, which would help customers locate the Cookie Booth Sites in their areas.  Notably, the girls will be accepting credit cards as a method of payment, proving that even the association is not behind in the use of Internet technology.


Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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