Social Media And Disaster Response [Infographic]

Social media is changing the face of disaster response.

We have seen time and again how people harness the power of social media to help each other during times of crises.

Social media, according to this infographic, is the new face of disaster response. People primarily use social networks like Twitter as their primary source of news and information during events such as calamities and emergencies.

We can also note that social media has become a tool for people to organize for efforts meant to address pressing needs of communities.

According to the infographic, survivors harness social media by contacting loved ones to make sure they are all right, let loved ones know they are safe, download disaster related apps, use information on social media to buy supplies and find shelter, use and emergency app, retrieve emergency information through Facebook, and more.

Learn from the examples given in the Creative Signals infographic how social media is becoming the new face of disaster response.

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Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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