Skyrocket Your Online Store’s Sales with Top 5 Pinterest Strategies

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Have you ever tried communicating with your target audience using images? If you own an online store and planning to implement unique strategies for enhancing sales of your store, then Pinterest will be the best choice among all other social platforms. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, where you can use images to complement your informational posts, Pinterest helps in delivering your thoughts to your audience through images only.

As an individual user, you might not have much clue about the hype of this unique social media platform, but out of the 7 million accounts on Pinterest, you will be surprised to know that 500,000 are business accounts, which means Pinterest is a great tool for appealing your target audience if you have an online business. As of the figures collected till late 2013, Pinterest is officially increasing at a faster rate in popularity than Facebook.

Why to Use Pinterest for Boosting Ecommerce Sales?

This is certainly one of the most viable questions that might strike in your mind, but with thousands of pins for all categories of products, you can certainly have an already established niche for your wide range of products on the Pinterest.

Here is graph representing the social networking growth of the year 2013:

Social Channels Growth of 2013

In the above graph, it is clearly understood that Pinterest has exceeded the popularity of all other social networking sites in 2013 and recent studies have also revealed that Pinterest has surpassed Facebook officially for ecommerce related sharing. Pinterest is ahead of Facebook and other social sites in terms of ecommerce related sharing as it accounts for a total of 44% ecommerce related shares while Facebook accounts for 37% of ecommerce related shares.

A Pie chart indicating the percentage of ecommerce shares over different social platforms:

eCommerce Share

Pinterest claims the highest percentage in ecommerce related shares thrashing Facebook by 4%. It means that Pinterest has grown in importance among the online retailers, which supports that fact that this can be used for increasing Ecommerce sales to significantly higher levels.

Another biggest advantage of using Pinterest for increasing store’s engagement and sales is that people of same interest gathers over this platform for sharing images on same topics of interest and shoppers always think nearly same over all products. It is true that the contribution of Facebook is much more than the Pinterest in increasing sales of online stores, but the “Black Friday 2013” report of IBM reveals an interesting story. According to this report, the Pinterest users are found to spend on an average of 77% more money over online shopping than the Facebook users.

While there is no sure shot formula for improving your ecommerce sales in this tough competitive marketplace, but you can use these top 5 Pinterest strategies for boosting your store’s engagement and sales as well.

1) Build a Business Account on Pinterest

The first step is to build a business account on Pinterest instead of creating a personal account because then you can use the built-in analytics of Pinterest to understand the performance of the pins that are coming straight through your website. Another important thing is to ensure that you are using consistent brand information across the different social platforms and also link your Twitter and Facebook pages to your Pinterest account.

Build a Business Account on Pinterest

Business accounts on Pinterest will help you in getting in touch with the audience of same interest that is very useful for driving traffic to your ecommerce site and for boosting your sales and revenues as well.

2) Create an Impressive Variety of Pins and Boards

It’s good to love your business and to pin your products on the board of your Pinterest business account, but variety makes lots of difference when it comes to giving positive results. If you are the owner of an apparel store, don’t just pin the clothing images on your board. Instead, you can also pin ideas for wearing these dresses in different styles and the best occasions for wearing different dresses.

Create an Impressive Variety of Pins and Boards

For having better performance of your ecommerce sales, it is necessary to include variety of pins on your Pinterest board because versatility is something, which is liked by everyone. You can also make different boards for your website and blog as well so that you can easily pin around these boards if your pins are not repetitive. Avoid putting limitations while pinning on Pinterest as no brand is restricted to only what it sells.

3) Organize Your Pinterest Board

If you want to reach out your audience with a clear understanding of your brand and its services, it is essential to organize your Pinterest board. Organized boards helps in enhancing the visibility of your products and everyone wants to go through organized Pin boards where the pins are clearly visible.

Here is an example of a perfectly organized board of Pinterest:

Organize Your Pinterest Board

It is also important to remain specific while organizing your boards and create board of a sub category if you find it is pilfering the attention from your overall board. An organized pin board get a better chance of catching the attention of your target audiences, which in turn is necessary for driving leads to your ecommerce website and also for increasing user engagement on your online store.

4) Creativity is Necessary

Have you ever heard of “Pinspiration” recently? If so, then you must know the reason behind the frequency of this word. Pinterest is not meant only for pinning pictures of your products and services, but it is also a platform where you can share your dreams and thoughts that have inspired you. Sharing your inspirations helps in creating a special bond with your customers.

You can use high quality and beautiful images and you can apply these images to your brand by making them your own. This is the best way of connecting with your target audiences over Pinterest with an ultimate goal of increasing your overall store sales.

This is an example of a creative board of Pinterest of the Designer Joy Cho:

Creativity is Necessary

Joy Cho has around 13 million followers on Pinterest and the contribution is due to his inspiration and creative imagery with a total of 92 boards and 10,000 pins for each design-linked topic. It means the Pinterest account of Joy Cho has included all the important art of creativity to offer something for everyone, which is essential for boosting the overall revenue of his online business.

5) Use Rich Pins

Pinterest offers “Rich Pins” that are devised to make your pins more useful. The rich pins will engross all the valuable information related with your product such as where to search a product along with its price. Rich Pins also let your brand to communicate your important information efficiently with your target audience as your customers will get answers of their queries without even asking for them.

There are usually four types of rich pins that you can use for enhancing user engagement on your store, which ultimately is required for improving the overall sales and revenue:

  • Recipes: You can use this pin for featuring cooking time and important ingredients of famous dishes for engaging with your customers. These pins can be used efficiently for connecting with your users if you sell kitchenware on your online store.
  • Products: This pin can be used for featuring product related valuable information such as availability, price and where to purchase details. Obviously, these pins can be used for boosting traffic on your ecommerce store as they offer better chances of user engagement for ecommerce stores.
  • Places: You can use these pins for featuring addresses, maps and phone number of different places and it is best fitted if you are related with event management and product marketing.
  • Articles: If your online store is able to generate press releases and reviews of bloggers, then you can use these pins for featuring author, story description, headline and feature image. Nothing can be more useful than offering important information about your products to your target audience as it is the best way of convincing them for making a purchase from your store.
  • Movies: If you sell movie paraphernalia on your online store, then you can use this pin for featuring movie cast, critic’s reviews and ratings with your audiences.

Now, you must have understood that there is no rocket science required for enhancing the sales and user engagement on your online store. All you have to do is to use the full potential of popular social platforms like Pinterest efficiently and your valuable and worthwhile efforts will surely drive sales to your online store if done with patience and intelligence.

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