Google Chrome 23 Brings Optimized Video Acceleration and Do not Track

With the usual regularity, Google has released the Chrome 23 browser version, bringing improvements to the interface and optimizing hardware acceleration on graphic processors.


If the performance is virtually identical to the previous version, Chrome 23 promises an autonomy improvement in self-portable Windows systems using hardware decoding by about 25 percent compared to conventional CPU decoding.

Also the Omnibox address bar received a small update, the Site Information icon received a new look that makes it easy to see all the permissions of the current site and offers the possibility of adjusting their speed.


Finally, Chrome 23 brings optional support for Do Not Track requests, the option can be enabled in the advanced options of the application but depending on the implementations of the visited site. As expected, Chrome 23 fixes a series of 13 vulnerabilities, five critical and seven with medium gravity.



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