Skype to Add Ads to Conversations


Skype to Add Ads to Conversations. (Image via Engadget)

Even though we hope this thing will not happen ever, Skype has just announced that it will integrate ads into the audio chat windows. Basically, as in the example below, if you use Skype for a free conversation with an aunt outside of the country and she happens to not own a webcam, on the right you will see advertisements that will change according to Skype’s tastes and needs.

Currently the situation only affects those Skype users that don’t have a subscription or with no Skype credit. The strangest fact is that Skype had the courage to pack such functionality in a positive aura. Besides the fact that it affects Windows users only, Conversation Ads currently is silent and not changing shape or size.

Although when a company goes this way of getting profit, even in areas where it should not be, is hard to believe, Skype promises some elements. Ads could generate new topics for dialogue with the other speaker, as the ads are location-oriented and offer access to relevant information for users.

Trying not to get angry, I draw attention to the fact that Skype users’ personal information, like age and gender, will be used for more targeted ads. Fortunately, you can disable this type of information for ads personalization, but the location where you are is impossible not to be used as a source for local content.

More details about the new policy of Skype is available on the company’s blog. Personally, I believe that such tactics will make many users stop using the platform if it will generate profit. The pleasure of using Skype is limited to the fact that it is up to the user if he/she will invest money or not in this service. The imposition of ads pulls away the pleasure. Don’t you agree?

Author: Laurentiu Stan

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