Simple Yet Effective Tips To Flourish On LinkedIn [Infographic]

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LinkedIn may not be as large as Facebook but the social network is thriving. Every second, two new members join the social network adding to more than 200 million users in over 200 countries.

As such, LinkedIn has become one of the world’s largest social networks and the primary social network for its target audience: people and organizations such as businesses who value a more professional world-inclined social networking site.

What we have here today is an infographic made by digital marketing training site Boot Camp Digital which gives us a staggering 37 tips on how to thrive on LinkedIn.

Do not despair, however, because of the number of these tips as the infographic can be divided into six parts:

1. Managing Your LinkedIn profile,

2. Utilizing LinkedIn Groups,

3. Using LinkedIn Answers,

4. Connecting With Your Connections,

5. Promoting Your Company, and

6. Growing Your Connections.

Given that LinkedIn Answers has officially been retired by the social network, we now only have five sections to discuss.

The infographic naturally starts with the most basic of all requirements to flourish on LinkedIn: The LinkedIn Profile.

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Managing Your LinkedIn profile

This section gives us six tips to follow. The first tip is to show one is a thought-leader in their particular field by regularly updating their status with relevant information.

The second tip says one should have a great photo, one that is professional-looking.

The third tip is to complete all available fields. This is connected to the fourth tip which is to have relevant keywords in the title and descriptions of the jobs one has. completing all available fields and including relevant keywords should help people find you – may they be people who want to connect with persons who share the same interest or organizations looking for the next hire.

The fifth tip is to update applications to show interests and the like while the sixth tip is to write a catchy headline and summary to make a great first impression.

Utilizing LinkedIn Groups

According to the infographic, join groups which are relevant to one’s industry. Be sure to share relevant information and also listen and learn from other members of the group.

Furthermore, it will be beneficial to start discussions relevant to the group. This does not only foster connections with people, it also leads to recognition and trust.

When not starting discussions with others in the group, join in discussions and contribute pertinent ideas. By either starting conversations or joining them (hopefully with great ideas coming from you as well) you will build a reputation among your peers as a sharp-minded individual or organization worthy of attention.

Furthermore, it helps to read popular discussions in order to find out the overall sentiment of people in an industry about a certain topic. People may not always agree with you but with an open mind, one is sure to learn a thing or two.

One can also add a “promotion” if there is a special event or upcoming class that they want to promote and share, the infographic says.

Meanwhile, part of being in a group is looking for people. Once one finds these people, make it a point to connect with them outside the group. The whole point of joining a group on LinkedIn is to meet other people who are like-minded or share the same interests as you. Capitalize on the power of groups to do just that. One can also start their own group if there is a gap to be filled in the universe of LinkedIn groups.

Connecting With Your Connections

“Comment on the status of your connections so you’re always on the top of their minds,” the infographic notes. In fact, these tips are all about the different ways to interact with connections so that they always think of you, which is something one should want if they are building a professional network.

Another way of getting people to think of you is to write a recommendation about them. This can also be a two-way exercise with people also making recommendations for you.

To ease the sometimes awkward process of meeting people on LinkedIn, one can request a connection to make a “LinkedIn introduction” to someone they thing they can collaborate with. Search for people who would be great to have in your network and communicate with them.

Another way to keep people thinking about you is to send them greeting may it be for holidays, birthdays and the like. Just don’t forget to not overdo something like this as it can be deemed as spam if done too much.

The last tip is one we really agree with. It says to always respond to messages in your inbox promptly and enthusiastically.

Promoting Your Company

The next overarching tip is to promote your company.

One of the main reasons one would join LinkedIn as an organization is to promote their company. Nonetheless, we here at Social Barrel understand why this point is being made toward the end of this list.

As we’ve said before when we were writing about Pinterest in the article linked below, do not think that social networks are just for promoting oneself or one’s organization. To repeat a tip we gave in the article below, self-promote sparingly.

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With that said, here are the tips given by the infographic about promoting your company on LinkedIn.

First on the list is to ensure you have a presence on LinkedIn. We hope we don’t need to explain why this is important.

Second is to add products and services to your page. In a nutshell, ensure that the page or profile is complete. This is to ensure that when people are wondering what exactly it is that the organization does, they will have an answer if they just read your profile.

Other tips include requesting reviews from as many clients as possible, posting jobs available, ensuring employees add your company to their profile and connecting your blog, website or Twitter account to your LinkedIn company page.

Reviews from clients build trust from potential clients as they can see through these reviews how great a job the organization does. Just also make sure that the organization pleases as many clients as possible by delivering on things agreed on and sometime even going above and beyond.

Similarly, by getting employees to add the profile to their accounts, people will see the caliber of people inside your organization. By doing this, an organization beefs up its credentials.

Posting jobs and connecting blogs and other social media accounts guarantees that if people are looking to get the latest information about the organization, they would have numerous ways to do so.

Growing Your Connections

The last encompassing tip on the list is to grow your connections.

“Look at the LinkedIn ‘People You May Know’ recommendations every time you log-on,” the infographic advises. Sometimes these recommendations miss but after you build your profile, these recommendations will get better, as we have experienced.

One should also see who they know on LinkedIn by uploading and searching their email contacts. Furthermore, merge your real-world and virtual networks by adding people you know in real life to your network on LinkedIn. These people are your business contacts, coworkers, customers, suppliers and the like.

Another way to search for people is to browse people who went to the same university as you or worked in the same place as you. Furthermore, browse connections of your first-degree connections as you may also know them.

Learn more, including tips not mentioned above, from the Boot Camp Digital infographic below.

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