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Whatever type of business you conduct online, you do it because you want to take advantage and make profit on the Internet. To do that, you will want to increase traffic to your website, both directly and indirectly. Search engine optimization or SEO can mean complicated work. That is the reason it is always in your best interest to collect all the right tools and data for extra support.

SheerSEO launched a brand new backlink checker called on July 1. The new site explorer began as a project when SheerSEO creator Eyal Aldema realized Yahoo had withdrawn its site explorer in 2011. In essence, a site explorer is the backlink checker of a website.

SheerSEO users know that the firm shows most of backlinks data in the Main Referrers screen. However, the data is limited. Fortunately, these users can use their SheerSEO login information to access SheerExplorer without signing up again.

Yahoo Site explorer had a free option. But Yahoo chose to drop support for it, and the SEO community had no other choice than to use paid services. Users who have access to Google Webmaster Tools may still view their website’s backlinks but they have to be the owner of the site to do gain access. For that reason, it is impossible to learn how many backlinks a particular competitor has.

Gathering this data can be very difficult, even paid tools that try to do this are hard to come by. SheerSEO CMO Roy Bashiry said there are only four to five companies with a significant level of access to this information, save for Google and Bing. As a result, they chose to develop a similar service for free. The only requirement is to register for the service and approve an email address.

sheerexplorer home page

SheerSEO’s SheerExplorer

The main idea behind SheerExplorer is to provide a free but effective site explorer. It gathers all the links from across the Internet and allows the user to see vital information for virtually any website domain that is of interest.

Launched on July 1, the service is rather new, but the database behind it is already remarkable. SheerExplorer has scanned more than 10 billion URLs and amassed more than 40 billion backlinks. The information continues to be collected and the database will continue to grow.

The user interface of SheerExplorer is easy to handle. It has two tabs: an Inbound Links tab and a Top Pages tab. After a user enters the URL of the website and presses “Explore,” the service will show all the data collected for the website. An unregistered user is limited to only three searches, whereas a registered user has no restrictions, whatsoever, and can do as plenty of searches as possible.

The screenshots below are straightforward, so there is no need to explain how each column works, especially because you are familiar with SEO terms.

Inbound Links Tab

The Inbound Links tab shows the linking URL, do-follow link if it exists, target URL, Sheer Domain Rank, number of outbound links, and last time of update.

Atop the page, you will see some extra information about the website domain you entered: Sheer Domain Rank, number of linking domains, number of total backlinks, number of scanned pages, and number of known pages links.

sheerexplorer inbound links tab

Top Pages Tab

The Top Pages tab consists of information about the particular URL of the page, the title of the page, the number of inbound links per page, the number of referring domains per page, the number of outbound links per page, the validity status per page, and the date for the last update. Similar to the Inbound Links tab, the data in this tab may be organized by each column. Check out the demo page for more information.

sheerexplorer top pages tab

The Market for Site Explorers and Backlink Checkers

Since SheerExplorer is relatively new, its features and data are plain and simple. However, Roy said it will collect millions of pages more as time progresses, and in future versions and features, to rival some of the industry’s top tools, such as MajesticSEO.

Quick Company Background

SheerSEO is online marketing software that provides SEO for different online services. Eyal Aldema developed the program in October 2006. The service allows you to automate the process of SEO analysis.

Nowadays, more businesses realize that ranking in nonpaid, organic search engine results is an important aspect to the success of their business. Handling the numerous factors that have an impact on the ranking of a website is time consuming and dreary work. SheerSEO automatically manages those things for you.

SheerSEO Software Features

* Search engine results page tracking (SERP tracking) software for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It includes real-time traffic data and search volume from Google Analytics.
* Chronological graphs for each information tracked.
* Semi-automatic directory submission.
* Backlink analysis that covers PageRank, link text, number of outbound links, meta tags, and no-follow.
* Protect valuable backlinks and send instant alerts if these are dropped or modified.
* Monitor your site’s mentions in Facebook, Twitter and social bookmarking sites.

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