Selfie Craze Hits the UK with 35 Million Selfies Every Month

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The selfie fever has taken the UK by storm, with Brits taking more than one million selfies daily. Approximately 51 percent of the population admits taking at least one selfie, 25 percent of which admits taking a sexy selfie. In addition, one third of Brits more than 65 years old have taken “silver selfies.”

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has released its HTC One Selfie Phenomenon 2013 report to show that even though only 29 percent of UK adults know or understand the term “selfie,” more than half of the country has already taken one.

While selfies are highly likely to be taken by people 18-24 years old, with a 75 percent penetration, silver-selfies are popular among Brits aged more than 65 years, with a 29 percent penetration.

The survey, conducted by Opinium on behalf of the HTC One, surveyed 2,000 UK adults during the period between July 28 and July 30. 


Loving Thyself

The research shows that hardcore enthusiasts of selfies want to be at their finest appearance, with 14 percent of respondents digitally enhancing the captured in one way or another. It found that selfie takers aged 18-24 are likely to have modified their photos, with 36 percent of respondents admitting the alterations.

After the first edit of selfies, the study found that survey respondents were more likely to do it regularly, as 44 percent of them edit most of the selfies they have taken.

Men seem to be more conscious of their images.  Among selfie takers who regularly touch up their photos, 34 percent of males said they retouch each photo, as opposed to only 13 percent of females.

Top 5 Most Edited Selfie Features 

1. Skin tone (39 percent)
2. Eye colour / brightness (24 percent)
3. Eye size / shape (13 percent)
4. Figure (11 percent)
5. Lips (11 percent)


Sexy Selfies

Other than traditional selfies, 41 percent of respondents aged 18-24 years admitted to taking intimate, sexy selfies, compared to the overall penetration of 25 percent.

The tendency to capture sexy selfies decreases with the rise in age, as only 4 percent of respondents aged 65 and above admitted to taking one.

More Stats

The HTC One Selfie Phenomenon 2013 reports that when it came to sharing different types of selfies, Facebook is leading by a very wide margin, as selfies on Twitter, Pinterest, and dating websites are relatively far less prevalent.

Top Sharing Channels For Selfies

1. Facebook (48 percent)
2. Text (14 percent)
3. WhatsApp (13 percent)
4. Twitter (9 percent)
5. Instant messenger (8 percent)
6. Instagram (8 percent)
7. Dating website (7 percent)
8. Snapchat (5 percent)
9. Forums (3 percent)
10. Pinterest (2 percent)
11.Other (please specify) (3 percent)
12. None of the above (31 percent)

Top 5 Reasons Why UK Adults Take Selfies

1. To remember a happy moment (35 percent)
2. To capture a funny moment (34 percent)
3. To capture a nice outfit (15 percent)
4. To capture a good hair day (14 percent)
5. Because they are feeling confident (13 percent)

Top 5 Places To Take Selfies

1. On holiday (19 percent)
2. Living room (19 percent)
3. On a night out (17 percent)
4. In the bedroom (16 percent)
5. At an event, such as a festival, concert, sporting event (10 percent)

For respondents aged 18-24 years, the most popular location to take selfies is in their bedroom, with 36 percent, followed by a night out, with 27 percent.

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