Galaxy S4 Burns, Samsung Tries To Silence Customer, Says YouTuber [Video]

Galaxy S4 Burns, Samsung Tries To Silence Customer, Says YouTuber [Video]

When YouTube user ghostlyrich had his Samsung Galaxy S4 burn on him, he made video detailing what happened to his Samsung flagship phone.
In the video which was uploaded December 2, the man says that he plugged his phone in to charge overnight and that everything was fine up until he smelled something burning. In another video, he says he woke up and saw flames on the phone.
The video, the man says, is to comply with a Samsung request to have video proof that the phone was actually damaged in …

Samsung May Have Shown Galaxy S4 In Teaser Video Easter Egg

Samsung may have already shown us the Galaxy S4 even though the company has been very secretive about its next flagship smartphone.
Samsung has just released a teaser video for its Unpacked event at the New York Times Square on March 14 which will be the launch of the Galaxy S4.
How do we know this? Samsung sent out an invitation to the event, officially named “Samsung Unpacked 2013 Episode 1”, saying “BE READY 4 THE NEXT GALAXY”.
And what’s the next phone in Samsung’s release …

Samsung Reportedly Stops Supplying Apple iPad, MacBook Batteries

Apple may have just switched battery suppliers as Samsung has reportedly stopped supplying batteries for iPad tablets and MacBook computers.
The rumor comes from China Business News which says in a report that Apple may be tapping Chinese battery makers Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery.
According to the report, which comes to us via this report from TechCrunch, Samsung SDI has reportedly stopped supplying batteries for the mentioned Apple products.
The development, if true, …

Apple Wins Another Patent Infringement Case As Samsung Faces Galaxy Sales Ban

A Dutch court ruling on Wednesday has rewarded Apple another victory against Samsung over its patents in Galaxy smartphones and tablets.
According to The Hague, Samsung Galaxy devices running on Android 2.2.1 to 3.0 are infringing an Apple patent that covers scrolling through a photo gallery using touch and pinch-to-zoom gesture.
Reuters reported that Judge Peter Blok had ordered Samsung to pay €100,000 ($129,221 or £80,779) in damages for each passing day it violates the ruling.
The Hague …

Samsung Audit Finds Suppliers’ Overtime Violations But No Child Labor

Samsung has revealed violations of overtime rules in its suppliers’ factories.
The South Korean tech giant decided to take on an audit after China Labor Watch reported irregularities on some of its suppliers.
According to Samsung, the audit results did not find child labor but found violations of local overtime work regulations.
The 121 members of Samsung’s auditing team reexamined human resource records of workers below 18 years old and carried personal ID verifications.
Samsung said some …

Dual-SIM Galaxy Note II Debuts In China

Dual-SIM smartphones are ubiquitous in China and Samsung has not been oblivious to this fact as the tech giant has officially unveiled the Dual-SIM Galaxy Note II in the country.
Known by its model number GT-N7102, the Dual-SIM Galaxy Note II boasts of the same specifications as its single-SIM sibling.
However, the Dual-SIM Galaxy Note II takes two different types of SIM cards. That’s Subscriber Identification Module, by the way, for those who have forgotten what SIM stands for.
The N7102 has …

LTE Galaxy Stratosphere II Now Available From Verizon For $129.99

The Galaxy Stratosphere II is now available from Verizon for $129.99.
The Galaxy Stratosphere II went on sale on the Verizon site without any official press release from the carrier.
Meanwhile, that $129.99 price is if a subscriber gets a new two-year contract with Verizon and if they purchase the device online (there is an online discount of $50).
The Galaxy Stratosphere II features a 4-inch Super AMOLED display and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.
As we have mentioned earlier, it is 4G capable as …

Samsung Electronics Boss Says Apple Won’t Have iPhone without Samsung Patents

Samsung remains confident that it will prevail against Apple in the companies’ ongoing legal battle.
The Korean tech giant also believes Apple will not be able to make the iPhone without its patented technology.
That is according to JK Shin, chief executive officer of Samsung Electronics, the business arm of the conglomerate that makes its consumer electronics products.
In an interview with members of the press, Shin said: “The truth never lies. Without Samsung-owned wireless patents, …

Samsung to Sell More than 60 Million Smartphones in the 4th Quarter

Samsung is now the world’s biggest manufacturer of smartphones. The best-selling Samsung devices are Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III, and the company will continue to look good in terms of sales according to Yonhap, a financial analysis firm.
According to Yonhap’s report, Samsung will sell more than 60 million smart phones during the fourth quarter. Samsung will continue to flourish in light of the patent war that it currently wages against Apple.

Samsung will sell more than 60 million …

Judge Orders Apple To Detail HTC Settlement Terms To Samsung

A federal judge has ordered Apple to reveal the terms in its settlement with HTC to its rival Samsung Electronics.
According to a report from Bloomberg, U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal told Apple in an order that it must divulge licensing terms it has with HTC in light of their recent settlement.
However, Samsung and Apple cannot publicize the terms in the iPhone maker’s agreement with HTC as the information has been classified as for “attorney’s-eyes-only”, Bloomberg says.
The order …