Samsung Asks IP Tribunal To Invalidate LG OLED Patents

Some of LG organic LED (OLED) patents are invalid, claims Samsung in a new lawsuit against its fellow South Korean display maker.

Samsung and LG are fanning the flames in their longstanding legal battle over alleged OLED patent infringement. The former now asks the tribunal to invalidate several LG OLED patents and consequently drop the patent infringement case.

In early September, Samsung claimed LG stole its company secrets by luring former Samsung employees to join LG. Later that month, LG claimed in a lawsuit that five Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab, infringed its OLED patents.

Samsung denied the allegations. It has now filed a patent invalidation lawsuit against LG in an intellectual property (IP) tribunal in their homeland. It claims that seven LG OLED patents lack innovation and thus invalid.

Samsung and LG have been bitter rivals even before smartphones enveloped the consumer market. For several years, both companies have made OLED display technology a popular choice of major OEMs in smartphone screens because of its low power consumption and bright color intensity.

Samsung Asks IP Tribunal To Invalidate LG OLED Patents

Image: LGEPR, via Flickr (CC)

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