Russian Yandex Now Has Social Search Through Twitter

Russia’s largest search engine Yandex has just landed a deal with Twitter to serve its users with more social network data in their search results. The Russian search engine accounts for about 60% of all searches in Russia and has a greater market share than Google, which trails with a little less than a quarter of total Russian market share.

The deal will see Yandex incorporate Twitters search capabilities into its platform to allow users to search the millions of social messages emanating from Twitter. This comes on the heels of a new program launched by Yandex that offers its users more powerful social search capabilities on the platform.

Google has been trailing in the market possibly because of the lack of local context to the search engine but this new deal will put even more pressure on Google, especially because Google terminated a similar deal it had with Twitter. Google has opted to put more emphasis on Google Plus even at the risk of alienating its search users from other more popular social media networks.

In Russia, this will come into play as the leading search giant tries to outpace any new incentives that Google may roll out in order to capitalize on the market. The challenges Google has been facing with other social media networks has seen Google accused of playing dirty and even using its massive search capabilities to sway users to adopt Google Plus over Facebook and Twitter.

Yandex, however, will not be playing the same tune as they look towards social media networks as a viable incentive to increasing their popularity among local search users.

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Daniel Mbure

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