RIM Teases BlackBerry 10 Flow UI

Research In Motion (RIM) has teased BlackBerry users with a short video clip of BlackBerry Flow.

Last week, RIM requested users to vote for a specific BlackBerry 10 feature that they are most excited about. Now the company is feeding the hype with a YouTube video of its BlackBerry Flow user interface.

BlackBerry Flow provides a series of minimized windows on the display screens of BlackBerry 10 devices that shows all apps running in the background. It easily flips through the apps without returning to the main homescreen and clicking on separate icons.

RIM Teases BlackBerry 10 Flow UI

“To show my dedication to you, #TeamBlackBerry, I set out to make a new video for the Inside BlackBerry Blog that shows off BlackBerry Flow with a series of common tasks being performed one-handed,” said Donny Haliwell in an Inside BlackBerry blog post.

“I faced a small problem, though – with all the BlackBerry 10 experts on the road talking to partners and press, it’s been hard to find time in their busy schedules. So I tracked down my friend and BlackBerry 10 expert Jeff [Gadaway] and, ahem, stole a bit of his time to show me a bit more about Flow.”


The Canadian smartphone maker said that the countdown for its BlackBerry 10 launch event on January 30, 2013 continues without deterrent.

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