Ricki Lake set to debut her new show “The Ricki Lake Show”

Ricki Lake Talk Show

Ricki Lake mingles with the audience during the taping of her new show “The Ricki Lake Show”
Photo By: Barry J. Holmes, AP

Talk show babe Ricki Lake is back in the game as she launches her new talk show “The Ricki Lake Show” on Monday 10th September. Coming twenty years after the launch her first syndicated show “Ricki Lake”, the hostess is excited and looks forward to wowing her audience with just how much she has grown over the years.

In retrospect, Lake said that her first debut into the talk show world at the tender age of 24 was “presumptuous”. She said that she didn’t know herself well and had no values or opinions. She was just happy to be able to pay her rent on time and hold a great job. Flash forward twenty years and marriage, motherhood, divorce and remarriage have all moulded her and changed her point of view.

In a bid to reconnect her and her producers with audience members and experts on various topics, a Facebook page named “Friends of Ricki” as well as a free magazine iPad and Android app have been set up.  Lake said she is proud about the online publicity that the show has been receiving, adding that she realised the great reach of the internet when a book she co-wrote in 2009, “Your Best Birth” received great reviews from bloggers.

When asked about her competition in the furiously competitive world of talk shows, especially Katie Couric, Lake was adamant in replying that she was going to concentrate on her show and rebuilding her audience. After all, “Ricki Lake” lasted for 11 years even as others came and went.

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