Top 20 Brands With The Most Loyal Fans On Facebook

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A research center for the treatment of pediatric cancer and childhood diseases has the most loyal Facebook fans, besting Internet giants and popular global brands.

According to LoudDoor’s new Brand Satisfaction survey, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is the Facebook page with the most loyalists.

And the Facebook pages of Internet giants Facebook and Google only ranked second and third, respectively.

Facebook Insights marketing developer LoudDoor says that Brand Satisfaction is a new survey dashboard that receives more than one million responses per month.

The market research panel monitors all major brands on Facebook and how likely their fans recommend them to other people.

LoudDoor says Brand Satisfaction helps marketing professionals create insights from several behavioral data and demographic on targeted audiences.

“Top 20 Brands with The Most Loyal Fans on Facebook,” the first Brand Satisfaction study, is the result of millions of Facebook fan responses on more than 15,000 Facebook pages.

LoudDoor CEO David Guy says there are two foundations for knowing a brand’s audience on Facebook: behavioral data and demographic.

He adds that Brand Satisfaction does not rely on “highly subjective” social talk or trial-and-error technologies, but on the diligent compilation of direct responses from brands’ Facebook fans – their attitudes and motives.

This compiled data is shown on a simple dashboard so that brands can harness their assets on the world’s largest social network.

In January 1, LoudDoor asked consumers how likely they would recommend a brand’s Facebook page after they “like” it.

But the respondents also fulfilled a demographic, behavioral and attitudinal survey.

While Brand Satisfaction is still in limited beta release, it already presents a summary of millions of anonymous responses on an insights dashboard.

Guy says the firm will continue its monthly study and release brand insights for marketing professionals who follow brands on Facebook.

Eligible Facebook brand pages on the “Top 20 Brands with The Most Loyal Fans on Facebook” list have at least 50,000 fans and 300 completed surveys.

The ranking uses what LoudDoor calls a “Net Promoter Score,” computed by how likely respondents will recommend a brand on a 10-point scale.

The firm tags participants based on the ratings they provided: 9-10 points are Promoters, 7-8 points are Passives, and 0-6 points are Detractors.

The difference of Promoters minus Detractors yields the Net Promoter Score for that brand, benchmarking the Brand Satisfaction of a Facebook page’s fans.

St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital

Evan sits on a bench at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn., waiting for his Soldier friends to arrive. (Featured image by John Evans, United States Army / Wikimedia Commons)

 The Top 20 Brands with The Most Loyal Fans on Facebook

1. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

2. Facebook

3. Google

4. Walt Disney World


6. Xbox

7. Starbucks Frappuccino

8. Google Chrome

9. Duncan Hines

10. Adobe Photoshop

11. Tim Hortons

12. Hershey’s

13. In-N-Out Burger

14. Dove Chocolates

15. NFL

16. Portillo’s


18. Disneyland

19. Dollar Tree

20. AMC Theatre

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