Real Racing 2 HD update for ipad2 supports 1080p output


real-racing-2-HD-ipad-2-outputAustralia-based games studio Firemint has said that its Real Racing 2 HD game, after the upcoming major update for iPad 2 will support full-screen output in Full HD resolution. The new version that is not yet available in the App Store, will allow owners to connect their iPad 2 tablet to a Full HD LCD TV / Monitor and enjoy the game in 1080p resolution with no black bars on the sides.

This new update would enable using an external HDTV display that will show game in action while one will be able to see the map of racetrack on the gadget.

It sounds like a great breakthrough for iOS platform, after all, we can expect many more projects flowing Real Racing 2 HD that will support HD output. Indeed, playing an iOS-game like this one on a low resolution TV with black bars on the edges would not have been very attractive.

It would be interesting to see that the gaming action of Real Racing 2 HD played on iPad 2 and displayed on TV does not stretch as the game is implemented in 1920 × 1080 resolution, whereas iPad 2 has a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. Developer suggests players to use the tablet as a control, as the screen of handheld device will display the map. To take advantage of new features, one will not only require iPad 2, but also a special HDMI-adapter.