Qualcomm and McLeod Collaborate Enhance Driver Workflow and Dispatch Operations for Less-Than-Truckload Fleets

Qualcomm, a leading provider of integrated wireless systems, applications and services to transportation and logistics companies, and McLeod Software, a leading software provider for the trucking industry, earlier this week announced customized enhancements to McLeod’s LoadMaster LTL enterprise dispatch and operations system to improve driver workflow. Building on Qualcomm’s Driver Workflow application framework, McLeod extended the capabilities of its LoadMaster LTL enterprise dispatch and operations system to empower less-than-truckload (LTL) fleets to work more efficiently with access to timely driver updates and automated dispatch information.

Qualcomm’s Driver Workflow application (previously called Circle of Service Workflow) helps deliver the right information to the right driver at the right time. The application integrates near real-time data with fleet management software and automates many driver functions. Additionally, intuitive in-cab and front office interfaces help reduce driver training time, increase fleet visibility and improve regulatory compliance. Building a bridge between the driver and office operations, the new collaboration with McLeod’s system further automates dispatch information to improve the efficiency of both drivers and dispatchers.

McLeod’s LoadMaster LTL system is a complete business solution for transportation companies operating in the LTL sector. The core functionality focuses on local pickup and delivery activities, while simultaneously managing line haul operations among multiple terminals. Customers also benefit from an intuitive drag and drop interface for routing, robust Web interface and consistently accurate ratings. The system helps carriers accelerate cross-dock and trailer capacity management processes. Data collection and communications are tightly integrated at the truck level, as well as with forklifts with mounted or handheld devices on the dock, dramatically reducing errors.

“The integration of our Driver Workflow application with McLeod’s LoadMaster LTL system adds to the more than 25 existing Qualcomm-McLeod integrations, enhancing the overall fleet management capabilities of our shared customers,” said Norm Ellis, vice president of sales, services and marketing at Qualcomm Enterprise Services. “Fleets that leverage this joint solution—and their customers—will benefit from a number of improvements that increase productivity of both drivers and dispatchers.”

Developed specifically to meet the unique requirements of LTL fleets, this combined solution can improve the driver experience, as it provides a user-friendly, in-cab application for completing a step-by-step process for trip stop, arrival and departure tasks, delivering more accurate information to the dispatch system. It also eliminates the need for macros and text messaging, presenting trip information in a clear, concise format with structured reminders of processes at each stop.

“McLeod LoadMaster LTL is an end-to-end operations management solution that provides customers with optimized fleet management capabilities. By collaborating with Qualcomm, we’re pleased to offer further value to our customers through improved customer service and asset utilization,” says Tom McLeod, chief executive officer and founder of McLeod Software.


Source: Qualcomm

Image: Graham Richardson, via Flickr (CC)

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