QR Codes and the Advertisement Campaigns – Important Considerations

QR is a short form of “Quick Response”. The QR codes are track-able two-dimensional matrixes. Most of the people compare QR codes with the bar codes however there are so many differences between them. The main difference is appearance.  Size of a QR Code is at least 1″ x 1″ square, which has black modules with white background. In simple words, they are interactive graphics.

The cam of any Smartphone can read the QR code with the help of QR reader application. This app can easily be downloaded from internet for free. It decodes the QR codes and then the user is sent to the specific website, blog, forum, or video.

These days, marketing people are always in search of new ways to run advertising campaigns. In this era of technology, using QR codes in marketing campaign could be a smart idea. There are billions of mobile phone users around the world and these QR codes offer opportunity to connect with them. It assures the immediate access to the advertising message of a business holder’s choice.


With the help of these technological advanced codes, any business can promote its products/services and their features. It does not only benefits business owners to promote their business but it also allows customers to make on-line purchases at any time.  It helps in building consumer database and strengthens buyer to customer relationship.

There is no doubt in that QR codes are playing a important role in the advertising campaigns but there are few things that you have to look for while planning advertisement through QR codes. These important things are given below:

Target Group or Audience

Before making a marketing plan, it is crucial for you to know about the target group of the business. People, who do not have Smartphones, cannot be considered as your audience or target group. People with simple cell phones cannot read these codes so the people must have Smartphones for reading QR codes. On simple cell phones, it will just appear as a printed logo. To create awareness among the target audience regarding QR codes, you can tell them through your website or even you can mail them. To attract customers for reading QR codes, you can initiate a contest for which people can answer only when the read the QR codes on their Smartphones. By doing this, you can motivate your target audience to download the QR code reader app on the Smartphone and then people will start learning and using these codes.


Where to use these Codes

While using QR codes in the marketing campaigns you have to be very smart because you cannot use them wherever you want. For reading these codes, internet is compulsory so it is better not to use them in marketing campaign with QR codes where no internet connection is available. They cannot be encoded without application and that QR code reader app for Smartphones does not work without internet. Placing a QR Code in marketing campaign at a place where there is no internet connection available is of no use. Therefore, these QR codes must be used for marketing campaigns after proper planning.

In the end, we can say that these codes are an economical and revolutionary addition to the internet marketing activities.

This guest post was written by Muhammad Azam who is a professional blogger. He has written several posts on technology topics like QR codes, VPN Networks, Custom QR Code generation, static code analysis, etc.

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