Psy ‘Gangnam Style’ Earns $8Mn On YouTube


Gangnam Style, YouTube, Psy, revenue

“Gangnam Style” on YouTube by the Korean rapper Psy has racked up a total of $8 million in advertising revenue, Google has revealed.

According to reports, Google Senior VP and Chief Business Officer Nickesh Arora said during Google’s earnings call that the video which has become a worldwide viral hit has “generated over $8 million in online advertising deals.

On YouTube, a video’s creator gets half of all the advertisement revenue generated by his or her video. This means that Psy and company have netted over $4 million from the “Gangnam Style” video alone.

Uploaded on YouTube in July 15 of last year, “Gangnam Style” overtook Justin Bieber’s “Baby” in views towards the end of November.

Gangnam Style, YouTube, Psy, revenue

Roughly a month later, the video made history again by being the first ever video on YouTube to pass the 1 billion views mark.

Of course, “Gangnam Style” has earned Psy more than revenues generated through YouTube as the rapper now has more engagements, concerts, merchandize sales and also track sales.