Protecting an iPhone 5 with Insurance

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Every day we are in a habit of carrying good gadgets with us. We have a laptop, a good Smartphone, a watch, a media player, a radio, a tablet etc. They all are very expensive and the more expensive and advanced in technology they become, the more delicate they are. I have an iPhone 5 which I love using. It is yet so delicate and is prone to scratches and harm that I always thought I could protect it with covers. However, many dealers do not make good covers. Some however focus on looks rather than the quality of the material.

When I bought my iPhone 5, I went for cases and covers online, bought some of them and the next thing I knew, I could see scratched on the body of the iPhone 5. I was not careful enough, but you can be if you follow my advice:

1)      Never go for cases and covers which are hard on the outside as well as the inside. The harder the cases are on both sides, the more they will put an effect of fall on the iPhone, or any other gadget inside them. Harder cases do not usually come in with soaking ability for accidental spills as well.

2)      Do not buy cases in wood, metal, and harder plastic. These materials give a rough look to the gadgets. When you slide in and out the cases and covers, they create friction with the body of the device, leaving it scratched and damaged.

3)      A,s you all know, most of the consumer electronic gadgets like Smartphones, media player and laptops come with delicate screens, you should buy something that protects the screens too. I made a mistake and never bought a screen protector. My iPhone 5 screen started to get little scratches on it.

4)      Buy something that is harder on the outside and inside it is much softer. You can buy leather book like cases, zipper sleeves, silicone cases etc. They all are good in looks and protect the iPhones well.

5)      Prefer protective measures to looks.

However, if your gadget is lost, thieved out, or broken, the warranty for the gadget or the cases/covers will not be able to get you one back. Insurance for the gadget will however be helpful here. Many insurance providers are now providing gadget insurance as well. The packages they provide help you with:

1)      Theft cover

2)      Damage cover

3)      Replacement – If stolen or cannot be repaired

4)      Loss – some policies only

5)      Accidental damage

6)      Unauthorized calling cover etc

With such facilities, you can be sure that you will be able to use the iPhone or any other gadget for long. Just like any insurance policy, you can also hand pick the kind of cover you want from the providers, from the many aspects of the insurance policy and customize it according to your needs. You can also search for more dealers in such areas and can find good packages for protecting your iPhone just as I did.

With such packages, you do not have to worry about any kind of damage for the device. You can avoid harm to it as well. You can also block in the unauthorized calls and get a permanent solution to this issue through insurance as well. Still, if you want to find more information on the subject, look for someone who has availed a good insurance package. You will be satisfied more when you hear the facts with your own ears.


This guest post is written by Mohammad Azam who is a freelance writer and gadget lover. He has written several posts for popular European brands like who are a leading mobile phone specialist insurer in the UK and offer a fast online quote process on for all Smartphone and gadget owners.

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