PlayStation 4 May Feature ‘Hybrid Separable Motion Controller’

Sony may include a “hybrid separable motion controller” to its next-generation PlayStation 4 gaming console.

That is if the company will implement a technology it has just patented and will include the controller in the PlayStation 4 retail box.

The information comes from U.S. patent 20120302347A1 which comes to us via this report from Sixth Axis.

Filed for on May 25, 2011, it was just published on November 29 and is assigned to Sony Computer Entertainment America.

The abstract for the patent describes:

“A hybrid separable motion controller is provided. The controller includes a firs portion including a first handle, a first medial connector defined along a length of the first handle, and a first geometric object defined at the end of the first handle. The controller further includes a second portion including a second handle, a second medial connector defined along the length of the second handle for coupling to the first medial connector, and a second geometric object defined at an end of the second handle. The first portion or the second portion includes a connection sensor for determining whether the controller is in a connected configuration or a disconnected configuration.”

The controller defined by the patent basically is the DualShock controller but with the addition of those balls you see on top of the PlayStation Move controller.

This controller can then be separated or connected, which the controller can sense, based on the game you want to play.

For a look at the possible PlayStation 4 controller, see the attached figures in the patent below.

Maybe Sony could name this the DualShock Move if it indeed comes with the launch of the PlayStation 4.

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