Best Buy Hints HP TouchPad Release

Best Buy has posted a teaser page for the HP TouchPad, but it is yet unclear how long this will be up.
Anyhow, HP’s forthcoming tablet device came along on Best Buy’s website, and right below a short description of the device, it says that the HP TouchPad is set to arrive to retailers soon.
Unfortunately, the teaser page does not offer a window or page to how much the webOS tablet will cost and when retailers will put it on shelves.
Rumors say it will have a $499 price tag, but HP has not …

Check out your profile scam spreads

A new scam is spreading on Facebook walls around the world via an enticing invitation to “Check out your Profile stalkers”.

The wall post proclaims “OMG! Its unbelievable now you can get to know who views your profile. I can see my top profile visitors and I am so shocked that my ex is still creeping my profile every hour.”
The scam post instructs Facebook members to copy code contained in a box, then go to the Facebook website, and paste the code into the URL bar, and hit …

Fulcrum Releases Biometric Security for iPod Touch

Fulcrum has announced a biometric hardware and software solution for Apple’s iPod Touch to authenticate users through fingerprint recognition technology.
The accessory is the perfect solution for sensitive information, and assist in adopting iOS and iPod Touch devices as a mobile computing platform in government functions, healthcare, law enforcement, and other functions requiring high data security.
The MobileOne features a hardware sled connecting the iPod Touch’s dock connector at the …

Children should be allowed on Facebook: Zuckerberg

“My philosophy is that for education, you need to start at a really young age”, said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, speaking at the New Schools Summit in California, about why he thinks children under the age of 13 should be allowed to be Facebook members. Currently the age restriction requires that one be thirteen years or older to get a Facebook log on ID, but of course it is not difficult to avoid this and create an account anyway. Consumer Reports recently reported that there are about …

First Quantum Computer Sells for $10m

“D-Wave One” the world’s first ever commercial quantum computer created by D-Wave Systems, is the culmination of twelve years of research, 60 patents, and carries a price tag of $10 million.  One hundred additional patents have been filed for the D-Wave One, which has a 128 qubit chipset that carries out discrete optimization.

The D-Wave One processor, dubbed “Rainier”, molds and warps quantum particle energy, far more than has been possible with other methods, by using a process …

Like tells all

A study carried out for the Wall Street Journal found that the ubiquitous “Like” and “Tweet” buttons which internet surfers use to share web content with their friends, is sharing more than just the content, they are informing Facebook and Twitter that the user has been to the website, even if the buttons are not clicked.

Facebook’s “Like” button and Twitter’s “Tweet” button appears frequently alongside news articles or products, and have become an increasingly common part …

Share of Nokia in the market of mobile phones drops by 18 percent


During the first quarter of 2011, the share of Nokia in the mobile phone market was 25 percent. During the year it decreased by 5.5 percentage points, or 18 percent, says a report by industry analyst firm Gartner.
Second and third places in the list of popular manufacturers are occupied by the South Korean giants Samsung and LG, whose share fell by 2 percentage points. Now Samsung has …

Facebook Dislike Button: A scam campaign that can land you in trouble


Social network Facebook, one of the top three most visited websites in the world, has once again come under the sight of spammers attacking the users with online spam offering them to enable the button Dislike.
As reported in the blog of antivirus solutions Sophos, the campaign carried out by cybercriminals simulates the messages from friends and contains the following text: Facebook now …

Sharp Plans Global Launch of its Android Smartphone Aquos

Sharp, on Friday, announced that it is preparing for the worldwide launch of its new Aquos smartphone.
The company, however, refused to give details of its plan regarding the countries or dates for launch. The company’s spokesperson just revealed that the model would be available for sale in China and in other markets very soon.
Sharp has already launched three Android-based models of the Aquos Phone in Japan in early May.
All three models are equipped with different features that can …

Apple Devotion is Like Religion – Study

Every time Apple releases a new product, there are various reports dedicated to how swarms of Apple fans have waited night and day, sometimes even camping outside stores, to get their hands on the newest gadget from the Cupertino, California-based powerhouse.

While there hasn’t been a dearth of opinions trying to explain the tenacity and devotion of Apple fans, a new study which has recently been getting attention sheds an interesting light on the issue.
According to Tecca, a study conducted …