Why LinkedIn Helps Grow Your Career and Your Business

Internet-savvy people know that LinkedIn is a social networking site built for working professionals who want to connect with recruiters and other jobseekers. Now millions of businesses and professionals have LinkedIn profiles, and they often visit the website through a desktop computer or mobile

Twitter Rolling Out Revamped Look Resembling Facebook

Twitter may soon look like Facebook as users of the social networking giant report that they are seeing a new layout which observers note look like a mix of Facebook and other social networking stars.
One of those users is the Twitter account used by Full Sail University’s Electronic Dance Music Organization (@FSEDMOurWay) which took to Twitter to post the screenshot embedded below.
The new layout looks like a hybrid Facebook Timeline and Google+ stream at first glance.

(Image from …

Dong Nguyen, Flappy Bird Creator, Gets Death Threats Through Social Media

Flappy Bird and its creator, Dong Nguyen, have been creating online buzz since the developer announced he will be taking down the game.
And true enough, Nguyen did take down the game.
On Feb 9, Nguyen said on Twitter that he is “sorry” but he will be taking down Flappy Bird, the addictive and tough-to-beat game he created, because he “cannot take this anymore”.
In another tweet, he said that the decision to pull the game from app stores “is not related to legal issues”. He said he …

Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Twitter Engagement

When Twitter activity comes to a halt, it can be terrifying or deeply upsetting for social media managers and power users like you. And you must act on it as soon as

How to Manage Your Google+ Relationships Through Circles

Among the striking features of Google+ is the idea of creating “Circles,” a way for Google to group online connections based on your relationship with

Why Accounting Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain to Grow Your Businesses

It doesn’t need to be said that every business requires accounting in some form or another, either access to an accounting firm or, in the modern era, accounting programs that enable businesses to take care of all their accounting needs in-house, and more often than not, without much – if anything at all – in the way of accounting experience or

Top 5 Social Media Platforms For Your Business [Infographic]

It goes without saying that social media has had a big impact on the way small businesses these days conduct their marketing initiatives.
This is because a lot of people are already on social networks and a lot of them are also using these platforms on a daily basis.
However, because of the boom in social media use around the world, there are now also a lot of social networks to choose from.
What we have here today is an infographic that lists the top five social media platforms your business …

The 80/20 Rule In Social Media

One of the most simple yet often overlooked advice for small businesses promoting themselves on social media is to not overdo self-promotion.
That’s why today, let’s take a moment to internalize what this infographic from Company.com reminds us.
This is called the 80/20 rule in social media and may it be a guiding principle each of us remember every time we plan to post something on our social media fields.
In essence, what this tell us is to keep self-promotion to a maximum of 20 percent …

Social Networking Offline Still Best for Word-of-Mouth

Social Networking Offline Still Best for Word-of-Mouth

The best social network is still meeting people personally to establish meaningful relationships, according to Ekaterina Walter, a hyper-networker, social media innovator and contributor to

Young Teens Are Still Into Facebook

Young Teens Are Still Into Facebook

Facebook is celebrating its 10th year in the social networking business. But contrary to reports of teenage users leaving it, usage across all age groups is flying high. And what’s clear to see is that the relationship between users and Facebook is