Twitter Launches Facebook-Like Profile Redesign

Twitter Launches Facebook-Like Profile Redesign

Twitter is reportedly working to redesign its profile pages, making them more visual, with bigger images, and looking a lot more like social rivals Facebook and

8 Actionable Marketing Tips to Reach Your Goals in 2014

Creating and nurturing a business can be a challenge, as marketing strategies change continually and way faster than ever before. Customers now expect more empowerment from businesses, especially with the proliferation of new

How To Increase Google+ Engagement by 281% [Infographic]

As pointed out in our last article, social media can contribute a lot to SEO campaigns.
That is apart from engaging fans and hopefully getting new customers and clients out of all this engagement.
What we have here now is an infographic that boldly suggests that you can increase Google+ engagement by up to 281 percent by following the advice it gives.
Google+ should be an important part of your SEO campaign not because it is the biggest but because it is closely connected to the biggest search …

Why SEO Campaigns Gain A Lot From Social Media

Why is social media so important to a great search engine optimization campaign?
Simply put, the world of SEO has gotten a lot more complicated than just targeting certain keywords and with social media very much on the rise and becoming ubiquitous no matter where in the world people are, it has become an integral part of the Internet.
As this infographic from puts, it’s not just choosing the right keywords to drive visitors to sites anymore, “search engines have become a lot …

Facebook uses Subtle Marketing Strategy with “A Look Back” Videos.

To celebrate its tenth year anniversary, Facebook started a new feature called “look back.” This feature creates a one minute personalized video montage for a Facebook user, showcasing his or her most popular photos, posts and activity, with a warm background music to help usher in a mood to

Why Online Adds Fall Flat And What To Do About It

Most of us do not even notice it but most if not almost all of the pages we visit while surfing the Internet contain some sort of advertisement.
It is not surprising at all then that most of us do not pay attention to online ads. However, seeing data about this phenomenon can be quite enlightening and useful for those involved in promoting businesses and organizations over the ol’ interweb.
What we have here is an infographic created by Goo Technologies from data they got after they …

How Enterprise Social Networks Are Changing Businesses

(Flickr / Steve Jurvetson)

Awareness and loyalty are two of the backbones of small- and medium-sized businesses. When you apply relentless efforts to connect and engage with your audience, it will increase your chances to generate leads, retain customers, and long-term

New Facebook Targeting Option Allows you to Target your Email Subscribers

New Facebook Targeting Option Allows you to Target your Email Subscribers

E-mail marketing is quite inefficient when it comes to getting actual clicks from subscribers, and Facebook tries to help by making your e-mail marketing efforts more cost-effective through Custom Audience-targeted

The Social Business Revolution

The Social Business Revolution

Social media helps consumers choose what they really want to buy faster. Through social networking sites, consumers can read about what others have to say about the products they are interested

Six Tips To Grow Your LinkedIn Connections In 5 Minutes A Day

There are already 225 million LinkedIn and as Social Barrel pointed out recently, LinkedIn helps grow your career and your business in a number of useful ways.
Managing one’s LinkedIn presence may appear to be very time consuming to some. However, given that LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network, one will be doing a disservice to themselves and their businesses and organizations if they do not put the time and effort into it.
Can there be an easier way to manage …