Why Focus On Google+?

While Google+ may be described by some as a ghost town, the social media platform should not be ignored altogether by marketers.
Why? Because. Kidding aside, there are valid reasons why small and large businesses alike should be on Google+, one of which is gaining authority through shared links It has been discovered that when links are shared through Google+, they do not contain the rel=“nofollow” element that would make that link useless in passing authority.
Furthermore, it seems that …

Other ways of Using Social Media for your Marketing Efforts

Other ways of Using Social Media for your Marketing Efforts

There are two kinds of Twitter and Facebook accounts: professional and personal, which means that it is now a conventional thing to see companies using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networking sites to showcase their products and engage with their customers and

5 Little-Known Social Tools Worth Looking Into

With the emergence of Web 2.0, simplicity, usability and collaboration have become the norm. People being inherently social, plus the ease with which to utilize social media platforms, it’s no wonder Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have increasingly become more popular over time. Add to that the intrinsic rewards brought about by self-disclosure, and it’s fair to say that social media isn’t going away anytime

How To Use Different Social Media Platforms for Your Business

The most frequent question I receive from business entrepreneurs and corporate companies wanting to create brand awareness via the internet is, “What social media platform would be best for our

Facebook Predictions 2014: 7 Bold Things That May Be Unleashed This Year

Surprise, surprise! Facebook has just recently unleashed yet another new feature on its web homepage sidebar. The Trending Topics feature mimics Twitter’s but with an added twist that I’m sure all users will appreciate – a short descriptive line accompanies the topic, explaining the increasing popularity of the said

How to Create a Social App

Social media has been around for a while now, and online marketers long ago worked out just how potentially effective it could be to promote their sites. While posting on Facebook and Twitter is a great strategy for businesses, it does lack some

Online Dating Is Now Mobile And Social

If you still picture online dating as an activity undertaken by a solo person behind a desk, you’re wrong. That picture is now out of date. The new online dates are sorted via app and conducted in a social setting. The image of the single individual browsing profiles on a laptop or desktop computer is not yet obsolete, but it is rapidly being replaced by the person who inputs a prospective date idea into an app, receives match information, confirms identities via Twitter or Facebook, and …

Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Small businesses that use social media to increase their brands’ fan base and connect with their customers need to make their pages discreet and exciting, according to Des Walsh, a  social media specialist and business

Ready for Launch: Preparing a Business Plan

You may think that you don’t need a business plan before you start your business, but that’s the best time to write one. While there is a significant debate in the entrepreneurial and start-up communities as to the value of creating a formal business plan, having one is critical to obtaining needed capital. As you seek to grow your business beyond start-up phase and attract new clients; it can reassure clients that you are trustworthy and transparent, with an organizational chain of …

How to get Customers in Social Media

How to get Customers in Social Media

Most businesses know that social media is essential for their business. They know that having a Facebook page, for example, is a must because it is the most popular social networking site right now, and perhaps most of their current and potential consumers are