Beyond Posting & Tweeting: Shifting from a Social Media Strategist to a Social Media Business

As someone who works on the agency-side of marketing, I have the opportunity to work with many large companies and their brands. I get an inside peek at how companies are structured, their internal politics and policies, and their business strategies and goals. Learning the ins and outs of a brand or company is an integral part of our role as an agency partner and is a very interesting learning experience, as no two companies function the same when it comes to social

2014 Social Media Marketing Trends and Social Intelligence

Social media statistics like more than a billion Facebook users or more than 150 million Instagram profiles enamor the news media. But sharp business owners have a better grasp about the real value of the platform – the abundant amount of intelligent posts from influential

How to Build and Launch Your Product This Year

Building your own product sometimes gets out of hand, and you often end up in a pothole. Some things are inevitable, but these have huge impacts in your road to success: fear, failed product launches, delay, confusion, and so on. All of these things will take a toll on

Social Media’s Positive Effects on Kids

There are many advocates concerned about how social media affects kids. When it comes right down to what most of the worriers are saying, social media in general is perceived as websites and applications that are filled with bullies and sex offenders and other kinds of dangers. There are many kinds of software designed to address these concerns, including how to set limitations to the social media usage of kids and keeping an eye on their social media

Facebook Woos TV Advertisers with Targeting and Large Membership Base

Facebook Woos TV Advertisers with Targeting and Large Membership Base

Facebook tried to convince advertisers to also advertise on the social networking platform through two campaigns last Wednesday. The company says that it is even better to advertise on Facebook than on television because of its large membership base and targeting

SEO is Hyped: What You Should Do to Avoid Being Google Dependent

Being dependent is the worst thing to happen to anyone. That applies to businesses too. Imagine the nightmare of working with just one client, one vendor, or one customer? How would you possibly run a business with just one employee, if you have a growing

Facebook Shutters Failed Email Service

Facebook has made the decision to discontinue offering its email service amid poor adoption of the service.
According to a Facebook spokesperson speaking to Inside Facebook, the email service of the social media giant will be phased out by early March.
It does not mean, however, that users will not be able to receive messages through their email addresses anymore as the spokesperson told the site that users of the rarely-used email service will still …

Pheme, The Social Media Lie Detector, Being Built By EU Researchers

A group of researchers out of Europe are trying to build what may, at face value, appear to be impossible: build a lie detector for social media.
According to The University of Sheffield, the leading organization of the group, the new European Union-funded system they aim to create in three years’ time will automatically verify online rumors.
Dubbed a first of its kind and named Pheme after the Greek mythology character, the system will be used to automatically analyze, in real time, whether …

How to Build Thought Leadership

The field of marketing changes continually and draws more competition with time. But thanks to the rapid growth of innovations in social media and mobile platforms, the dialogue and gap between businesses and consumers continue to thin

6 Tough Social Media Lessons For Small Business Owners

The hard sell is dead, so says James Thomas of Social Media Explorer. Today, it’s the world of social selling, smart funneling, and the proof is in the social