Samsung May Have Just Confirmed May 3 Event As The Galaxy S III Launch

With all the cryptic teasing Samsung is releasing for its Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 event in London next month, the consumer electronics giant may have just slipped up and unintentionally revealed that the event will be the launch of the much awaited Galaxy S III.
What is seemingly the unofficial confirmation from Samsung itself that it will launch the Galaxy S III on May 3 comes from the official application for the event posted on the Google Play store.
In the description for the SAMSUNG …

Germany Gets First Dibs As LG Optimus 3D Max Released In Europe

The latest LG smartphone to feature glasses-free 3D technology, the LG Optimus 3D Max, has landed in Germany as the South Korean company starts its rollout of the device in Europe, the company has announced.
The Optimus 3D Max was first seen and shown off at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, Spain in February.
According to LG, the Optimus 3D Max now allows for more variety in 3D content as the next-generation smartphone is equipped with a new 3D Converter.
What this means is that it …

Samsung Teaser Video Taunts Apple Fans As Sheep

Samsung is in the mood again to mock Apple fans with its new teaser video for “The Next Galaxy” device blatantly portraying Apple fans to be sheep.
The video comes through a site by Samsung after the countdown it posted ended revealing a teaser video for the much-awaited Samsung event this coming month.
Samsung is expected to launch the next-generation Galaxy device on May 3 in London at 7 in the evening at the Earls Court Exhibition center.
It is widely believed that the successor to the …

Nvidia GeForce 600M Series for Ivy Bridge Laptops Offer Kepler Architecture GPU

CES 2012 – NVIDIA . (Image: pop culture geek, via Flickr / CC)

Nvidia has launched its latest GeForce 600M series of graphics processing units that offers a 28nm Kepler GPU to several models within the range.
The chip maker’s Kepler architecture first appeared on the made-for-desktop GeForce GTX680 video card, but on account of shortages in supply at component supplier TSMC, it has yet to come across far-flung availability and markets. Now, however, Nvidia has released four Kepler …

Asia is Targeted Base of New Digital Enterprises: US Showbiz Investor Chernin

Asia is Targeted Base of New Digital Enterprises: US Showbiz Investor Chernin / image by J Emilio Flores for The New York Times

Peter A. Chernin of the powerful US entertainment investor Chernin Group is expected to announce today a series of deals for the television and film entertainment industries that, among others, will see Asia as the base of the projected new series of digital showbiz enterprises.
The New York Times reporting from Los Angeles said the core principle of the Chernin …

Ignore The YouTube Minority Stars At Your Peril, Money-Wise

Ignore YouTube’s Minority Stars At Your Peril, Money-Wise

Online investors are increasingly looking to top personalities in YouTube who belong to non-white minorities as the latest candidates for stardom in terms of investment earnings – if they get discovered in time.
Washington Post this morning said there is a new spotlight on top personalities in YouTube who command millions of viewers, and may be ripe for discovery by major advertisers online.
The Post’s Hayley Tsukayama mentioned …

Diablo III Beta Release Date: Last Day Today in US and Korea, Worldwide Release May 15

Diablo III Beta Last Day Today in US and Korea, Worldwide Release May 15 / image via Washington Post

Fans of Diablo, Blizzard’s popular video game last released in 2000, would have gotten a taste of the game’s latest installment, Diablo III if you caught its beta offering over the weekend at the developer’s gaming service, or anytime today but only by invitation if you live in Korea.
Washington Post this morning said the Diablo III beta, anticipating the latest version’s …

Cyber Warfare Revolution Draws Near, Says F-Secure Chief Security Researcher

F-Secure Chief Security Researcher Mikko Hypponen. (Image: Mikko Hypponen, via Flickr / CC)

F-Secure has warned that the world is now on the brink of another technological revolution revolving around cyber warfare.
The security firm’s chief security researcher, Mikko Hypponen, said in an interview with The INQUIRER that, not before long, countries worldwide will try to outflank one another using advanced computer skills and technologies to gauge a nation’s prowess.
Hypponen added that …

HTC Tugs With Apple Patents In London Court

HTC disputes four Apple patents in London court. (Image: opopododo, via Flickr / CC)

HTC has responded to claims that its touchscreen smartphones infringe on Apple patents as the legal skirmish between both companies stay alive in the UK.
The Taiwanese smartphone maker brought to court its challenge of four Apple patents, which include scrolling and zooming within photos, multi-touch, phone unlock, and the use of several alphabets in SMS.
According to Bloomberg, HTC has opened up to the …

X-ray Phones Soon To Become A Reality

X-ray phones soon to become real world devices. (Image: SOCIALisBETTER, via Flickr / CC)

Researchers have designed a semiconductor unit that allows mobile phones to see through walls via X-ray.
The scientists explained that the chip uses Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) technology to find frequencies in the terahertz (THz) band – a step higher than gigahertz (GHz) – of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is the entire range of electromagnetic waves.
Kenneth O, Professor of …