Android Not Critical to Google’s Success, Says Larry Page

Eric Schmidt, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. (Image: Joi Ito, via Flickr / CC)

Mobile operating system Android is not crucial to the success of Google, company CEO and co-founder Larry Page claimed in court last week.
The Internet search and online advertising behemoth’s CEO took to the courtroom its current trial with Oracle to find out if Google used Oracle’s Java programming technology without proper authorization and licenses.
Reuters reported that Page, while answering queries from …

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Will Receive HP ProLiant Server Certification

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS will receive HP ProLiant Server certification. (Image: animaster, via Flickr / CC)

Canonical has announced that its upcoming Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (long-term support) Linux distribution will have certifications for several HP ProLiant servers.
HP ProLiant servers dominate substantial share in the Linux market, and while Red Hat and Oracle already have certifications, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS will be the harbinger among Ubuntu distros to receive certification on several HP ProLiant …

Microsoft’s Zune Replacement Called ‘Woodstock’ To Be Previewed At E3

Microsoft’s music service codenamed “Woodstock” will be previewed at this year’s E3 conference, a new report suggests.
According to The Verge, sources tell them that the Redmond, Washington-based software giant will “offer a sneak peek at its Zune replacement during E3 2012”.
This marks a further departure from the Zune, which is slated to be replaced by Woodstock.
Citing unnamed sources, The Verge said that Woodstock will be able to stream music, much like Spotify.
It will also …

Apple,Google and Intel Served with Antitrust Lawsuit

Apple, Google and Intel served with antitrust lawsuit. Trial by June next year. (Image: Bill Bradford, via Flickr / CC)

Apple, Google and Intel will face an antitrust lawsuit after a federal judge ruled that the three tech behemoths and four others illicitly plotted against hiring each other’s employees.
District Judge Lucy Koh has told Apple, Google, Intel and 4 other companies that an impending antitrust will drop on their doorstep over allegations of an ‘anti-poaching’ …

20% Of Mac Computers Have Windows Malware

A top security firm has revealed that one of every five Mac computers have Windows malware on their system.
The report comes from Sophos which said in a post on its Naked Security site that “A 100,000 strong snapshot of the millions of Mac computers which have recently downloaded Sophos’s free Mac anti-virus software, revealed that 20% of Mac computers were carrying one or more instances of Windows malware.”
Nonetheless, this is not to say that the Mac computers are infected with …

Intel Ivy Bridge Processors Released

Intel Ivy Bridge Processors Released. (Image: Intel Free Press, via Flickr / CC)

Intel has finally released its highly anticipated Ivy Bridge processors, the first semiconductor chips to use its 22nm tri-gate process node.
The world’s largest chip maker now promotes the Ivy Bridge as the ‘tock’ after its massively successful Sandy Bridge series that the company brought out 15 months ago. The new processors, steered by the flagship Core i7-3770K, use relatively smaller transistor but …

More Smartphone Privacy for Personal Data Planned by Mobile Operators

More Smartphone Privacy for Personal Data Planned by Mobile Operators / image via BBC News

International mobile operators aimed at giving users more control over their personal data are mapping new guidelines.
BBC this morning quoted the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) as saying that there is an urgent need for the mobile industry to develop a way to communicate only what the customer has consented to, logging precisely what data users are willing to share.
MEF’s Andrew Bud told BBC that …

Google Drive Release Date: Google Drive Debuts Today Giving Users the Deepest Online File Cabinet Ever

Google Drive Debuts Today Giving Users the Deepest Online File Cabinet Ever / image via IBTimes

Google, the Web’s mightiest search giant—another industry mantra—has launched Google Drive today, offering its millions of users and potential millions of new customers the world’s largest digital filing cabinet ever.
Reporting from San Jose, California, the Associated Press this morning said the Google Drive launch today in the US now provides its users a product that stores personal …

Microsoft to Slowly Remove App Store Access via Zune

Microsoft will slowly remove Zune pc software and the ability to buy Windows apps through this software(Image: via

Microsoft is slowly removing its Zune PC software support for app store access. Eventually, one can no longer use the Zune software to buy phone apps from Windows. Aside from that, all users of Windows Phones are now required to use the latest Windows Phone 7.5 operating system.
According to Mazhar Mohammed of Microsoft, “as a general rule, we like to …

Apple Reports High Q1 Gains, Rivals Suffer More Pains

Apple Reports High Q1 Gains, Rivals Suffer More Pains. Image: Wysz / Flickr (CC)

Apple, the world’s most valuable company is set to report today another record quarterly profit performance, further setting in stone its unremitting leadership in the Internet and technology businesses.
The Associated Press yesterday quoted Wall Street analysts as predicting that Apple will post a profit for the January to March period this year of $9.2 billion, viewed as nearly equal to the quarterly profit …