Sony Releases Android ICS Update For Tablet S

Sony releases Android ICS update for Tablet S. (Image: Sony)

Sony has finally released Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) for its Sony Tablet S, marking the first update from Sony with Google’s latest mobile operating system version ahead of a scheduled rollout for Xperia smartphones.
“The next time you connect to Wi-Fi, your Sony Tablet S should prompt you to do a system update, just click OK to download, and in a few minutes you should be ready to go on Android 4.0,” a …

Former Sun Microsystems CEO Delivers Big Blows to Oracle in Ongoing Battle Against Google

Jonathan Schwartz, former Sun Microsystems CEO. (Image: dkpto, via Flickr / CC)

Google now has the upper hand in its ongoing legal battle with Oracle after Jonathan Schwartz, the former CEO of Sun Microsystems, took to the witness stand that Java programming language and its application programmable interfaces (APIs) are free and available for everyone to use.
The testimony from Schwartz is the most striking statement so far in the trial involving the search giant and the business software …

Social Networking Apps Now as Popular as Gaming Apps

Social networking apps are gaining popularity, while gaming apps are slowly losing steam (Image: via

Flurry, an advertising and mobile analytics company, reports that smartphone users now spend the same amount of time per day (24 minutes) on social networking apps as they do on game apps. In addition, they spend around 66 percent of their time using smartphone apps playing games or socializing.
Playing games was the dominant smartphone activity for 40 months straight, until …

Nintendo Is Latest Loser To Smartphone Mania in Gaming

Nintendo Is Latest Loser To Smartphone Mania in Gaming

Nintendo, the Japanese video game maker that used to be one of the top names in the gaming industry, reports its first ever operating loss, as digital gaming started trekking away from gaming consoles and toward smartphones and tablets.
The New York Times said Nintendo reported a deficit of $470 million for the financial year that ended on March 31, as the popularity of its Wii gaming console started winding down, left in the dust by …

US Federal Trade Commission Ramps Up Probe Into Google’s Business Practices

US Federal Trade Commission Ramps Up Probe Into Google’s Business Practices

Signaling a heightened new level of investigation, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) this morning said it has hired a prominent trial lawyer to head its broad investigation into the business practices of search giant Google Inc.
In an official announcement picked up by the Associated Press in San Francisco, the FTC said former Department of Justice prosecutor Beth Wilkinson will head the commission’s deeper …

New Foxconn Protests Point To Still Unmet Employee Demands

A new wave of protests by employees of Foxconn highlights what are apparently still unmet employee demands at the giant Chinese contract manufacturer.
Brazilian site Tech Guru reports that a big number of workers at the Jundiaí, Brazil plant of Foxconn are warning of a massive strike if working conditions at the plant are not improved.
Among their complaints, according to the report, is lack of water, poor food and congested buses to the manufacturing facility.
The workers, reported to number …

HP Slate 8 Leak Shows What’s In Store For Windows 8 Business Tablets

A leak of the purported HP Slate 8 provides a sneak peek into what’s in store for people interested in enterprise-targeted Windows 8 tablets.
The leak comes from an image of a slide which is said to be part of an internal presentation from HP and includes a mockup of the device.
The Windows 8 tablet, officially being referred to on the slide as the HP Slate 8 and described as the HP Win 8 Slate, will come with a 10.1-inch display.
HP also listed some features of the HP Slate 8 on the …

Google Ranks First in March 2012 US Online Video Rankings

ComScore, Inc., a leading source for measurements and analysis of the digital world, has released a report based on data gathered by its comScore Video Metrix, which shows that video contents viewed online by around 37 billion Internet users have amounted to 181 million for the month of March alone, and video advertisements have topped to its highest peak so far at 8 billion.
Of the ranking released by comScore, Google snagged the top rank, mainly because of’s wide patronage, with …

Google Drive: Disturbing Questions on Content Rights Pop Up With Release of Google Drive

Disturbing Questions on Content Rights Pop Up With Release of Google Drive (Image: Tilak Bisht (CC) via Flickr)

The ever-critical issue of intellectual property rights boiled to the surface midweek this week with the release of Google Drive, the search giant’s new offering of unlimited storage space for users.
Reporting from San Francisco, the Associated Press this morning said bloggers and social media users are swamping the press with questions regarding a clause on Google Drive’s terms …

Samsung to Manufacture Next-Gen Nexus Phone, Says Report

Samsung to manufacture next-gen Nexus phone. (Image: Chris Samuel, via Flickr / CC)

A few days ago, it was reported that Internet giant Google plans to re-open its online device store and feature a Nexus phone during its opening.  Android chief Andy Rubin wrote in his blog, “We’ve come a long way since the first Android devices started hitting shelves three and a half years ago and since the launch of the first nexus device,” to announce that Google would begin the sale of the Galaxy …