How to Use Content Marketing to Stand Out Against the Competition

Publishing high-quality content is imperative to stand out and gain leverage against the competition. It is an opportunity for you to achieve high ranking in the results page of online search engines. As a result, you attain enough credit and recognition to be classified as a thought leader in your industry. You also reach a wider audience, setting off new business and increasing lead

How Businesses Can Improve their Social Media Campaigns for 2014

How Businesses Can Improve their Social Media Campaigns for 2014

Social media has had a lot of success in 2013 in terms of being used by companies for their marketing efforts. Many studies have indicated that social media use has increased last year, to the point where various channels have become a necessity for majority of businesses if they want to be

How to Humanize Your Brand Presence on Twitter

Humanization offers a more personal touch to any type of Twitter activity. Your followers will welcome and appreciate it, and they will help increase your chances of having a wider social

Facebook and Instagram Go Against Private Sales of Regulated Items

The main purpose of Facebook is to connect people through online social communication. But the diverse culture and number of people that use the service often lead to dissenting posts, discrimination, controversies or offensive language. In view of that, Facebook aims to find the right balance between freedom of speech and self-expression, and uphold a safe, deferential

Facebook Works with Media in New Public Content Solutions Program

For whatever reason or event, whenever an important thing occurs anywhere in the world – from the eagerly awaited results of the Academy Awards to the ardently watched sporting events at the Sochi Olympics – people quickly and instantly use Facebook as their default platform to trigger viral conversations.
Facebook has more than one billion users engaging in real-time discussions during the most significant moments. For that reason, the company has decided to work closely with media …

10 Real-Time Bidding Platforms with a Focus on Small Business

Many businesses, especially those engaged in providing services, are incorporating the concept of bidding into the business model. Some incorporate this concept to a greater extent than others. Today we look at 10 business-to-business enterprises that — in whole or in part — use the concept of bidding in the business model. In current techie lingo, this model is known as RTB.
1. oDesk
oDesk brings prospective employers and freelance workers together in one location. The freelancers …

BYOD: Worry Less About Protecting Devices and More About Protecting Data and Applications

Many companies have accepted that BYOD is inevitable. In one survey conducted by Gartner, 38 percent of employers said that they would stop providing devices to employees by 2016. In fact, by 2017, half of employers will expect employees to bring their own devices into the workplace. As the era of locked corporate devices ends, IT will have to shift its focus to how to protect company data and

The Five Biggest Internet Security Mistakes People Make

If you use a computer on a regular basis, chances are that it will contain a huge amount of very personal and important information about you. Not only will it contain passwords and financial details, but chances are that it will also contain the details of other people you know or work with, it will probably have lots of personal photographs and it will probably contain messages and other information you don’t want being shared either. This only gets worse when you use a lot of social …

Impact of the Cloud on Social Networking and Mobile Computing

The power of seamless communication and connected devices seems to have influenced every aspect of our everyday lives. The information revolution triggered by the growth of the Internet has only become more prominent with the explosion of mobile devices, enabling us to access any piece of information from virtually any place in the world. In such an environment, creation of personal and corporate online profiles proliferated, resulting in mass generation of digital data that is increasingly …

Beyond Posting & Tweeting: Shifting from a Social Media Strategist to a Social Media Business

As someone who works on the agency-side of marketing, I have the opportunity to work with many large companies and their brands. I get an inside peek at how companies are structured, their internal politics and policies, and their business strategies and goals. Learning the ins and outs of a brand or company is an integral part of our role as an agency partner and is a very interesting learning experience, as no two companies function the same when it comes to social