Orange Introduces New Free Text and Call App

Orange, France Telecom’s mobile brand, unveils a new app which allows you to call and text for free worldwide. It competes against more well-known services such as Viber, WhatsApp and Skype.

Orange introduces a new app which competes against Skype and others with similar services. (Image: via

The app is called “Libon,” and was developed by Giles Corbett. Addressing to the fact that Telecom operators are suffering from the popularity of free text and call services, Corbett says that:

“The situation is really simple – either you deliver the most compelling service or your users switch to something else. What’s the alternative? We want to be in there.” Corbett is implying that Telecom operators should come up with services that are at least similar to what Viber or Libon or Skype is offering.

iPhone users can use the app for free, plus charges for premium features including voicemail transcripts and voicemail copy emailing. For Android smart phones, on the other hand, Libon will be available within the first quarter of next year.

Aside from Libon, Orange is also working on RCS, or rich communications suite, which improves on the functionality of customary mobile device calls, adding file sharing, live video, and chat functions.

Operators have branded RCS as “Joyn,” to sound more user-friendly, and will be launched in June of 2013.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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