Online Presence: What Business Owners Are Saying

New to the business of owning your own company? If so, you definitely know that it’s not a simple process that just falls into place effortlessly overnight. You have people to hire, products to order, guidelines and procedures to establish, and many other important tasks to get your business running smoothly. Not to introduce a new stress, but here’s something you’ll certainly want to consider as a new business owner. In order to be successful, you must have an online presence. Just think about it: How else can you so easily, effortlessly, and inexpensively market your company to millions of people?

As a new business owner, you’ll be smart to listen to those who already have experience in this area. Fifty-five percent of small business owners claim that having an online presence is “extremely important.” Twenty-two owners say it is “very important” and 13 percent say it is somewhat important. Those who are either undecided or believe it is not important only make up 10 percent.

The simple fact is that consumers constantly utilize the Internet to do their shopping, whether online or to get in contact with companies over the phone. In fact, 97 percent of Internet users search for local business online. So listen to business owners who have “been there, done that” and get your online site up and running so you can easily compete with the best.


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Author: Aaron Elliott

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