“One Sony” Shaping Up Under New CEO Kazuo Hirai

Sony is seeing some big changes coming up as new CEO, and the man charged with restoring Sony’s faded glory, Kazuo Hirai, puts his foot to the pedal and accelerates changes in the company.

The latest news coming out of Sony is that the company will be cutting some 10,000 jobs in line with its restructuring plans, in addition to a number of other initiatives.

The news, sent out through a press release from the company, contains a raft of measures the company plans to take as it initiates its One Sony plan under the new management. Top priorities on the agenda include:

Representative CEO and EDP of Sony Corporation.

CEO of Sony Corporation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Strengthening core businesses (Digital Imaging, Game, Mobile)
  • Turning around the television business
  • Expanding business in emerging markets
  • Creating new businesses and accelerating innovation
  • Realigning the business portfolio and optimizing resources


Sony has had some troubles in the past as it struggled to find its footing in the rapidly changing electronics landscape, and this is what the new management hopes to address with these new measures.

In addition to cutting jobs, the company also plans to reduce the number of TV models by 40%, as well as merge a number of its departments, such as those that deal with mobile and gaming into one department.

All these changes point in one common direction, Sony plans to consolidate its offerings and efforts in order to compete effectively in the markets it chooses to enter. The company also plans to widen its options by going after emerging markets, markets that have not been a traditional go-to for the company.

However, CEO Kazuo Hirai and his new management team are looking towards a high-premium product market niche much as what Apple has, rather than a mass-market outlook, which has not served the company so well in the recent past. We should be seeing similar announcements coming out of Sony going forward.



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