One Billion Skill Endorsements Given On LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC]

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More than 58 million professionals have received more than one billion endorsements on LinkedIn. A feat it achieved in less than six months.

During that period, the social networking site for professionals has laid out endorsements for thousands of skills in different industries and disciplines.

The feat is hot on the heels of HP’s milestone to become the first company to reach one million followers on LinkedIn.

According to LinkedIn, a skill endorsement is a valuable way to make a mark in the vast world of professionals.

Peter Rusev, associate product manager at LinkedIn, said a skill endorsement increases the chance that a LinkedIn profile will be viewed or visited by as much as 4 times. It also shows the strengths of peers and colleagues.

Blogging, C++, Fitness, Water Treament – all of these are just a few from the myriad of skill endorsements found on LinkedIn. These very short blurbs also help strengthen the profiles of other members.

Rusev said LinkedIn has seen recommendations increase twice as much per week since its launch. And members keep adding new skills to bare their full armory.

He said endorsements can impress profile visitors – hiring managers, recruiters, partners, customers, and so on – because they can easily see the strengths and skills that a professional has to offer.

Now that more people will come to visit the profile, the account owner can smarten it up with more projects and work experiences, Rusev added. This will neatly go together with the endorsements from peers and colleagues.

LinkedIn has broken down the top skill endorsements to mark its major achievement, and a few additional statistics.

Top Ten Endorsements

1. Strategic Planning
2. Customer Service
3. Microsoft Office
4. Project Management
5. Recruiting
6. Public Speaking
7. New Business Development
8. Marketing Strategy
9. Telecommunications
10. Social Media

Important Facts

1. Visual C++ is the first skill endorsement.

2. A user endorsed Water Treatment to someone and it became the one-billionth skill endorsement.

3. LinkedIn members give 50 million endorsements per week.

4. More than 18 million members have endorsed other people.

5. More than 58 million members have been endorsed.

Today LinkedIn represents more than tens of thousands of skills and areas of expertise. Below are some of the different range of skills that are highly endorsed on the platform.

Fitness: 435,000 endorsements
Negotiation: 3,700,000 endorsements
Storytelling: 267,000 endorsements
Disaster Recovery: 890,000 endorsements
Tourism: 760,000 endorsements
Wine: 298,000 endorsements
Food Service: 251,000 endorsements
Renewable Energy: 671,000 endorsements
Preaching: 410,000 endorsements
Grant Writing: 687,000 endorsements
Mining: 577,000 endorsements
Adult Education: 253,000 endorsements
Creative Writing: 612,000 endorsements
Photography: 1,600,000 endorsements

One Billion Skill Endorsements on LinkedIn

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