Nokia 808 PureView Pre-order Hits Clove UK


Nokia 808 PureView Pre-order Hits Clove UK. (Image: Clove UK)

Clove has officially listed the highly anticipated 41-megapixel Nokia 808 PureView on pre-order in the UK.

The UK online retailer now offers on its site the Nokia cameraphone with large sensors, but its price tag apparently needs time to sink in for consumers, especially when compared with the listing on Nokia Italy.

“We now have the Nokia 808 PureView available to pre-order having confirmed the launchprice at £449 (£538.80). As of yet we do not have a date but will confirm an approximate availability as soon as possible,” said Clove on its official blog. “£449 may seem like a high price tag for a handset that runs Symbian, but the PureView does have a 41MP camera to make up for its lack of a smartphone OS. It also comes with a Xenon flash, 4” AMOLED display, 16GB internal storage (expandable via a microSD slot) and the range of connectivity features that can be found in current smartphones, including DLNA.”

The UK price of £538.80 is more or less €655 while Nokia Italy’s selling price is only €599, whereas a Dutch retailer has it on pre-order for €565.

Clove has not yet announced a release date but Nokia Italy projects an arrival by May.

Author: Francis Rey Balolong

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