New York’s Big Apps Contest Winner: An App That Makes It Easy to Make Apps

New York’s Big Apps Contest Winner: An App That Makes It Easy to Make Apps

New York’s Big Apps Contest Winner: An App That Makes It Easy to Make Apps

Beating almost 100 entries in New York City’s annual Big Apps contest – under pressure from such huge New York City urban issues as transportation, education and lanbd use, the app NYCFacets won for creators Joel Natividad and Sami Baig, the best overall application for their project that aims to make it easier for developers to make more apps.

NYCFacets app will help Web developers grapple with the tremendous amount of public data released by city agencies, identifying over a million facts about the data and creating ways for developers to make easier use of it as research base.

The contest is part of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s program of making large amounts of public data available in formats for computer programmers. The Bloomberg administration had earlier enacted an open-data law that aimed to make data available throughout the Web.

Second prize went to Work+, an application for iPhone that allows people to find places to work, doing the search by criteria by helping people know which establishments or companies have, for instance, Wi-Fi accessibility.

Some $50,000 in prize money went to the 12 winners in the various categories.

The Big Apps contest, now on its third year, is largely financed by private sponsors and is aimed at encouraging government transparency, plus increasing support for New York’s technology industry, which has grown 28% since 2005.

An earlier apps contest winner, called MyCityWay has found funding and is now used in some 70 cities around the world.

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