New EcoATM Machines Give You Money To Dispose Of Your Gadgets

There have been many innovative machines presented at the past International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and one of them is an ATM-like machine called the EcoATM which lets people get their old devices appraised and give them money if they decide to make use of the facility to dispose of their gadgets.

“One machine at the show is designed to help recycle gadgets, giving old phones a fitting end, or a better home,” The Associated Press writes.

According to the news organization, the EcoATM works this way.

A user will drop their old phone or electronics gadget into the EcoATM. The machine has an area where the gadget can be placed and the EcoATM will take photos and scan your device to determine what it is and what condition it is in.

Next step is for the EcoATM to connect to your device to see if its circuits are still working or are damaged.

It will then make an offer of how much it thinks the device is worth. The EcoATM analysis is “based on what a network of hundreds of electronics-recycling companies are willing to pay for it,” the AP says.

A user can then choose to accept the appraisal and the EcoATM will take the device and spit out cash if a user chooses to accept.

The EcoATM is a novel way to dispose of old consumer electronics gadgets. Image: AP


Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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