Mozilla Firefox Flash Player Bug Remains Unresolved

The Mozilla Foundation acknowledged openly that it is still having difficulties fixing a critical bug that crashes its Firefox web browser whenever users open videos using Adobe Flash Player.

The open source software organization announced in a statement in Monday that its developers are currently in the works to key out and fix the bug.

Mozilla, however, did not answer user concerns with regards to a specific timeframe for sorting out the problem.

Mozilla is “working closely” with Adobe to identify and straighten out the issues.

Mozilla officially released the latest Firefox update in June 8, after which all Windows Vista and Windows 7 users who installed it started experiencing the flaw.

“Some Firefox users on Windows Vista and Windows 7 are experiencing problems when viewing videos in Adobe Flash Player 11.3, released on June 8, 2012. Firefox and/or Flash Player may crash or not load videos using Flash Player, or videos may not display correctly,” said a Mozilla representative.

Ever since, the organization began posting temporary notifications to explain some workarounds for users while it continues to find a stable fix.

“Firefox users experiencing problems viewing videos in Flash Player should try the workarounds listed in this help article,” the statement added.

Mozilla is also working on an iPad web browser codenamed Junior to rival Apple’s Safari and offer a “more fun” browsing experience.


Mozilla Firefox Flash Player bug still has no fix. (Image: Channy Yun, via Flickr / CC)

Author: Francis Rey Balolong

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