StarTech Apple Dock Connector and Micro-USB to USB Combo Cable Review

StarTech Apple Dock Connector and Micro-USB to USB Combo Cable Review

If you want to synchronize Micro-USB, iPhone, iPod or iPad devices using one cable, the Apple Dock Connector and Micro-USB to USB Combo Cable provides a basic but dependable answer to connect Micro-USB or iOS-powered mobile digital devices to a laptop or desktop computer for synchronization or charging the battery.
For battery charging and data synchronization between the computer and an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Micro-USB device, the 0.65-meter black cable helps with its combined Micro-USB …

Battle of the Titans: Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X

While there have been plenty of debates and reviews about Samsung vs HTC, one of the best ways to measure up these companies is through their strongest product offerings at the time of writing. Through this, we can build up an indirect comparative review on how both have advanced in mobile technology.
The launching of the latest monster handset, Samsung Galaxy S3, now follows the South Korean company as it pits itself against the flagship device from a Taiwanese archrival in the smartphone …

Android vs iOS

The Android vs iOS debate has developed into quite a battle between the two best mobile operating systems to date. The main question is, which one is better?
In general, the good side of Android is that it is a wonderful open environment, which allows users to engage in high mobile customization. Meanwhile, people think of iOS as being simple, functional and beautiful.
On to the negative side, some see Android as ridden by viruses, while Apple binds and cripples iOS.
Let’s compare the two …

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs S2: Review and Comparison

If you’re used to minor changes when new smartphone models arrive (think Motorola), it’s quite different for Galaxy S3 vs S2. Dubbed as the “iPhone killer” by some, the Galaxy S3 is more than a few steps ahead of the Galaxy S2, a powerful and highly popular phone in its own right.
There are several ways to compare both phones, but right now we’ll compare in terms of form, display, storage, software and features, camera, and processor specs.
The Samsung Galaxy S2 follows the …

Samsung Galaxy S3 Key Features

Samsung has been relentless, bold and innovative over the last few months with its avant-garde mobile devices. September of last year saw the South Korean phone maker launch its record-breaking Galaxy S2 smartphone, so popular that it made a new lineup of versions for the company. Amid the handset’s successful run, Samsung again released another highly anticipated phone in the Galaxy Nexus, a joint project with search giant and Android OS creator Google. The latter handset reached the market …

Samsung Galaxy S3 Reviews from the Experts

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is now the Android smartphone to trounce, reviewers from popular tech sites reason out, with the phone expected to arrive in U.S. territory through AT&T and Sprint.
However, all major telecoms carriers in the country have already shown interest and signed up to sell the next-generation Galaxy S phone.
This time around though, consumers will no longer receive any sappy monikers or slight modifications of the unit, as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile plan on …

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

The Samsung Galaxy S3; some are calling it the greatest phone ever because of its unparalleled specs and features. The device had close to 10 million pre-orders, which shows just how popular this smart phone is. In fact, it is one among only a few devices in recent years that have garnered close to, if not the same amount of attention to Apple products.
According to Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is “inspired by nature – it sees, listens, responds, and allows you to share the …

Best Android Browser 2012

If you have difficulties in choosing the best Android browser , bear in mind the relatively smaller screen compared to your laptop or desktop computer, the data plan’s monthly limit, and the different tasks required from the app for your daily needs. Below we compile a few of the most popular mobile web browsers and see which we think deserves the title, Best Android Browser 2012. Above anything else, this will help you decide which software caters to your needs.
Note: While iOS has …

Top Android Browsers for 2012

Many web browsers are available to users of mobile devices that run on Android today. Each claims superiority over the others, promising nice environments or taking pride in simplicity and serviceability. Only a few deliver the best experiences and live up to their promises. Listed below are six of the top Android browsers this year.
1. Dolphin
The best thing about Dolphin HD is that it offers a faster and smoother scrolling and browsing experience. Just like Chrome, Dolphin’s display design …