Snapchat Downplays Exploit But Adds Countermeasures

Snapchat Downplays Exploit But Adds Countermeasures

Security researchers found and published a way to exploit Snapchat by matching usernames with phone numbers. But Snapchat responded with a statement that briefly dismissed a weakness in its security system reported by the

Will iOS7 Help iPhone Keep Its “Best Business Phone” Crown?

Since the slow death of Blackberry as the business world’s go-to phone of choice, many contenders from mobile industries have worked tirelessly in an attempt to take its place as “Best Business

Facebook for iOS Now with Trending Topics, Post/Comment Editing, and Photo Comments

Facebook has updated the iOS version of its mobile app with several new features, as part of its campaign to be a mobile-first

New Foursquare App Comes With “Super-Specific” Searches

Foursquare has released a new update to its official Android and iOS apps, has refined the software’s search capabilities, and has invented a new word to

Apple Updates Lists of Top iOS Apps of All Time

The 50 billionth iOS app download is within reach, as Apple celebrates the milestone with updated lists of top iOS apps. reports that the Cupertino-based tech giant has announced a promo with a $10,000 App Store gift card to whomever makes the 50 billionth iOS app download.
Apple launched its apps marketplace nearly five years ago, and now it wants to celebrate the milestone with the reward.
Also, it updated the lists of all-time top iPhone and iPad apps – paid and …

Undercover Cops Infiltrate Black Market For Stolen iPhones

The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) knows that almost half of last year’s robberies in the city involved smartphones. But it wants to go after the black market, rather than each thief, in an attempt to catch the culprits through middlemen who buy and resell stolen iPhones.
The Huffington Post reports that the SFPD has deployed undercover cops to act as middlemen of stolen smartphones to infiltrate the very lucrative black market of stolen iPhones.
According to the paper, smartphone …

Apple Patent Application Shows Potential Future iPhone With Flexible Display

A patent application from Apple, published by the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), has revealed a potential new iPhone with a touchscreen display wrapped around its body.
Apple described the upcoming device as an “electronic device with wrap-around display” in a post at the official USPTO website on March 28.
Apple said Scott Myers was the inventor of the patent application originally filed in the third quarter of 2011.
The paper talks about a consumer electronic product with a …

‘Rounds’ Video Chat Could Be Better Than Google Hangouts

If you’re reading this pitch, you probably have one foot out the door to start your holiday break.  Nothing compares to spending time with best friends and family, but when you can’t physically be with someone you care about, how will you stay in touch this year?

Skype works but if it’s a grandparent chatting with a grandkid, there’s kind of not much more to say after, “Wow, you got so big!  What’d Santa get you this year?”  [cue the awkward silence after]
Google Hangouts is …

Top iPhone Business Apps of 2012

Here are Social Barrel’s 2012 Top iPhone Business Apps in alphabetical order.
Cisco WebEx Meetings
Web conferences are global with Cisco WebEx Meetings. It allows users to connect with and participate in WebEx meetings straight from an iPhone.
Cisco’s WebEx Meetings views presentations, documents or applications shared from another computer. The host can start a meeting directly from the iPhone and assign presenter privileges to an attendee who joined through a desktop or laptop …

Apple Finally Sells Unlocked iPhone 5 in the U.S., Starts From $649

Apple is now selling unlocked versions of the iPhone 5 in the U.S with a starting price of $649.
When the Cupertino-based tech giant launched the iPhone 5, the U.S. was one of the first markets to receive it, but the handset was locked to local carriers and exclusively available on contract.
The unlocked iPhone 5 includes all the features of locked original version but without a wireless contract commitment. Users can activate and use it on any GSM-supported wireless network worldwide, such as …