Twitter Experiments with Favorites on Android

Twitter Experiments with Favorites on Android

The Twitter experiment with a Favorite button may have served its purpose properly. Now the micro-blogging site wants to explore other options for

Snapchat Downplays Exploit But Adds Countermeasures

Snapchat Downplays Exploit But Adds Countermeasures

Security researchers found and published a way to exploit Snapchat by matching usernames with phone numbers. But Snapchat responded with a statement that briefly dismissed a weakness in its security system reported by the

New Facebook Home for Android Still Not Up To Expectations

New Facebook Home for Android Still Not Up To Expectations

Facebook users are not too keen to install Facebook Home on their smartphones and tablets. Though designed to replace the default lock screen of Google’s mobile operating system, the mobile app has yet to gain traction amid the hundreds of millions of Android devices. Consequently, the social network redesigned Facebook

YouTube Gets G+ Integration, Phone Calls on KitKat to Show G+ Photos

YouTube has updated its comments with a new format for threaded replies, improved list, and Google+

Facebook Home for Android Takes Control of Music Apps

Facebook now has another reason for its more than one billion members not to leave its mobile apps. The social networking giant has enabled Facebook Home for Android to control music apps directly from the cover feed or lock

Viber for Android Now Comes With Doodle

Viber announced and released earlier today an updated version of its Android mobile application. Among other new functionalities, it comes with a doodling feature to allow users to paint or draw on a blank page or on top of existing photos and send these images to other Viber

New Foursquare App Comes With “Super-Specific” Searches

Foursquare has released a new update to its official Android and iOS apps, has refined the software’s search capabilities, and has invented a new word to

Self-Updating Android Apps Banned From Google Play Store

Google has pulled out and banned all self-updating Android apps from the Google Play Store in an attempt to stop automatic updates.
The Google Play Store used to update Android apps with the simple click of My Apps in the submenu and “Update all.” Users can even set automatic updates for Play Store apps individually.
While the process is relatively simple for end users, it can be time-consuming for Android app developers.
Some app creators avoided the Play Store and updated their apps …

‘Facebook Home’, Not ‘Facebook Phone’, Will Arrive With ‘HTC First’ On April 12

The real Facebook Phone people talked about these past few years is not a piece of hardware. And a struggling smartphone maker managed to be the first to release it.
Contrary to popular belief (mostly leaks from unnamed sources), the Facebook Phone is actually a software called Facebook Home.
Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg himself spoiled rumors of the world’s largest social network’s releasing a mobile device during the event held at the Facebook HQ, where he unveiled …

Android Head Andy Rubin Leaves His Post

Google has announced that Android division head Andy Rubin will leave his role as Senior Vice President of Mobile and Digital Content at Google.
Andrew E. Rubin co-founded and was the CEO of Android, Inc., a software company acquired by Google in 2005.
Rubin will no longer helm the Android division, but he will stay in the company and wait for his yet unspecified new assignment.
Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page personally wrote words of praise to Rubin in a blog post.
Andy has surpassed the …