Microsoft’s ‘Bing It On’ Contest Pits Bing Search Against Google Search

Microsoft has launched a contest to help demonstrate how its Bing Search will fare against main rival Google Search.

The software giant is calling for people to test both online search engines in a side-by-side comparison with such confidence that its Bing service will emerge victorious.

A blog post from Mike Nichols, Corporate VP and Chief Marketing Officer for Microsoft Bing, says Bing Bing regularly outperforms Google in web search results quality based on its tests.microsofts-bing-it-on-contest-pits-its-search-engine-against-google-search

“Since relevancy of search results is the #1 driver of search engine preference, the time is right for a wake-up call for searchers – better web search results are available at,” said Nichols.

“Today, we’re asking people to click and choose which web search results they prefer via a fun, non-scientific blind comparison test called Bing It On. Our mission is to show people it’s time to break the “Google habit” and that Bing has reached a quality level that will make it easy to switch. You can try it for yourself at”

Interested participants have the chance to win an Xbox 360, a Surface tablet, or a Windows Phone by tweeting results of their search comparisons.



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Source: Bing It On

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