Microsoft SkyDrive Usage Doubles In Six Months

Cloud storage service SkyDrive has doubled its usage over the last six months, reveals Microsoft.

“We’re both humbled and excited by this pace of growth. While many of you have told us that you love being able to have everything in one place and access it from anywhere, you’ve also said that sometimes you want to be more selective with the files you sync to each device,” says Mike Torres, group manager, SkyDrive Apps, Microsoft.

“So today, we’re releasing an update to our sync apps that includes the ability to select what you sync along with the ability to share files and folders right from the Windows File Explorer.”

The update allows SkyDrive users to choose specific files to synchronize on a Windows or Mac computer.

Microsoft’s cloud storage update aims to improve the ability to support file synchronization on several devices. Users can select which SkyDrive folders and subfolders to synchronize on a device.

Microsoft points out that the new feature will be useful for users who are working on devices with finite amounts of storage space.

The company brings a new dropdown menu to SkyDrive for social media sharing to Facebook and Twitter.

Windows Phone 8 and Android users can expect a SkyDrive update. The mobile SkyDrive apps will now be able to upload files from an SD card directly to Microsoft’s cloud. 

Microsoft SkyDrive Usage Doubles In Six Months

Author: Francis Rey Balolong

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