Microsoft Embedded 8 Road Map For Intelligent Systems Unveiled

Microsoft has unveiled its Windows Embedded 8 road map for intelligent systems and made the Windows Embedded 8 Standard release preview available for download.

The Windows Embedded 8 family of device operating systems (OS) includes Windows Embedded 8 Standard, Windows Embedded 8 Pro and Windows Embedded 8 Industry.

The software giant said in a statement that each version comes with distinct features that include intelligent system units throughout hardware, software and services: device and identity management, presence of connected devices, touch-enabled experiences and secure devices, and data analysis.

Kevin Dallas, General Manager of Windows Embedded, emphasized and heralded Microsoft’s transition from a software company to a devices and services company.

“Faced with the explosion of business data, enterprises are looking for better alternatives to help them unlock the information inside. Microsoft’s broad set of technologies and products make it uniquely qualified to help address this problem. We’re working with our partners to create solutions that extend across the full breadth of Microsoft technologies and provide customers with the clarity they need to harness big data.”

The Windows Embedded platform extends to Microsoft’s data analysis and server OS products through the availability of Microsoft SQL Server for embedded systems and Windows Server 2012 for embedded systems.

Dallas added, “The ultimate objective of intelligent systems is to unlock the value of data, and it’s clear that there’s a huge opportunity. Between the range of experience, talent and technology that we have in play, I’m convinced that Microsoft and its community of partners are uniquely qualified to take the lead.”

The Windows Embedded 8 Standard is now available for download here. 

Microsoft Embedded 8 Road Map For Intelligent Systems Unveiled

Image: Microsoft

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