Microsoft Bing Map Streetside to rival Google Street View

Bing Maps Streetside

Bing Maps Streetside

With the Bing Map streetside service, Microsoft is looking to rival Google’s Street View service. After a lot of controversies and issues, especially after Google made a hell of their unauthorized data usage and capture, Microsoft Germany has announced the launch of their service, soon.

Google Street View cars had been accused of collecting data from open WiFi spots and networks without authorization, and Google later admitted to this wrongdoing. This has caused widespread boycott’s of any such service systems, and now Bing Map Streetside is getting a very similar welcome in Germany.

But, as of now, Microsoft Germany has got all the go ahead and is going on collecting the views. At first it will target 50 major cities in Germany and the service will be available for use to the public by the end of May 2011. The service was first launched in the US and in some parts of Canada in 2009 and Microsoft is planning to provide the services in Europe.

Bing Map Streetside

Bing Map Streetside, a view!

Microsoft is stressing transparency in its operations and said that it will provide privacy protection measures for the public. There are many people who do not want their homes to be shown on Streetside and coping with them is an issue for the Bing Map services as of now.


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